Did Hannah Brown play a role in Heather Martin pursuing Matt Brown on The Bachelor?

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown may have played a role in Heather Martin competing for Matt James’ heart. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Brown hasn’t made headlines in a few weeks, but her name surfaced this week after Reality Steve shared a spoiler for Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

As fans may know, Hannah and Matt are great friends after spending time together in quarantine as part of the Quarantine Crew with Tyler Cameron.

So when Reality Steve shared that someone from the past was going to appear on Matt’s season, fans immediately guessed that it was Hannah.

As it turns out, it wasn’t Hannah.

But it was Heather Martin, who just so happens to be Hannah’s best friend.

Hannah Brown may have encouraged Heather Martin to apply

Reality Steve had teased the spoiler on his website where he shared that someone from the past three seasons would show up.

After confirming it was Heather, he shared that the appearance was rather short.

“Here’s what I know: she doesn’t show up the first night, it’s somewhere after filming is already started, and she’s literally there only a few hours as Matt sends her home the same day she arrives,” Reality Steve writes on his website.

Since Matt and Hannah are close friends and Hannah and Heather are best friends, it’s possible that they have met before.

“Clearly, Hannah told her this would be a good idea since she’s friends with Matt (you know, Quarantine Crew and all), and I guess convinced Heather she thought the two of them would get along. Or hell, maybe at some point Heather has met or at least spoken to Matt in the past. I’m not sure,” Steve continues.

Steve also explains that it is a little embarrassing showing up and then being sent home the same day. He guesses that it was done for the sake of dramatics and he wonders if Heather would have done it now if she knew the outcome.

Fans thought Hannah Brown herself should pursue Matt Brown

It was yesterday that we reported that someone would show up for Matt from the past and fans guessed it was either Becca Kufrin or Hannah Brown.

This isn’t the first time that Hannah has been brought up in this context. When Matt was first announced as The Bachelor, fans pushed for Hannah to apply.

Many people thought it was wrong because Matt and Tyler Cameron are best friends and Hannah was almost engaged to Tyler.

We already know that Hannah was on the set of The Bachelor earlier this fall, giving him advice.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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