Nick Viall denies Kelley Flanagan dating rumors

Nick Viall
Nick Viall denies dating Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

Nick Viall is no stranger to The Bachelor Nation drama.

Just last week, he was linked to Kelley Flanagan after the two were spotted talking at the same party hosted by Chris Harrison.

As it turns out, the rendezvous between Kelley and Nick may have looked like a lot more than it was. Just to be clear, Nick is setting the record straight by claiming there’s nothing going on between them. Still, he does not have negative things to say about her.

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Nick Viall denies dating Kelley

Nick wasn’t specifically asked about his connection to Kelley. Actually, the situation was brought up during a discussion about Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron spending time together while quarantined in Jupiter, Florida.

On his podcast, Viall talked about meeting Kelley.

“She’s a nice person, she didn’t disappoint in person, I thought she’d be cool in person,” he said, adding, “Everyone likes to think there’s always something going on, and there’s not.”

He then admitted he “really enjoyed” meeting Kelley, calling her “wonderful.”

His point?

Just because they are together under the same roof doesn’t mean they are together in that other sense. As an example, he stated that he had gone out for coffee with Andi Dorfman several times after her season of The Bachelorette and there was never, ever an underlying tone of romance.

You can see the clip of the conversation below and you can listen to old episodes of The Viall Files here.

Viall Files Episode 107 PROMO: Nick on Tyler C and Hannah Quarantining Together

As for the talk about Kelley and Nick, this all began when host Harrison said that he loved seeing them getting cozy at his recent event. That sparked all kinds of comments from his Bachelor Nation friends, including people who eagerly hoped they would date.

Nick Viall is still keeping in touch with The Bachelor on ABC

Nick has traveled through The Bachelor world a few times. He has competed on Bachelor In Paradise, The Bachelorette and he even commanded his own season of The Bachelor.

Not surprisingly, this Bachelor veteran talks about the reality show franchise on his podcast.

This year, Nick admitted he watched The Bachelor, following along on Peter Weber’s journey to find love. He shared regular updates on Twitter as he live-tweeted throughout the airline pilot’s season.

At the present time, Nick is single and, based on his comments, it sounds like a relationship with Kelley Flanagan will not happen anytime soon — if at all.

As for her take on the potential situation?

Kelley has yet to offer her opinion regarding what did or did not happen at Chris Harrison’s gathering. At this point, any interaction on an intimate level with Nick seems unlikely. Still, you never know.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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