Former Bachelor star Nick Viall predicts how Peter Weber’s season will end

Nick Viall
Nick Viall has predicted how Peter Weber’s season will end. Pic credit: ABC

Nick Viall is no stranger to The Bachelor format and the series in general.

He has appeared on several of the shows, including his own season of The Bachelor, two seasons of The Bachelorette, and even Bachelor In Paradise.

Although he had previously claimed that he was done with reality television, he continues to live-tweet the show and even has a podcast where he often talks about The Bachelor.

Now, he has his own theory as to what happens in Peter’s season and the finale.

Nick Viall’s predictions include a return from Madison

During last night’s episode, Madison chose to walk away from Peter during their dinner portion of their Fantasy Suite date.

In Nick’s predictions, Madison actually makes a return.

Nick explains that he believes Peter will send home Victoria because he got what he wanted from her — sex.

Even though Madison left on her own, Nick thinks she changes her mind and makes a return to the show, where Peter is surprised as, according to the theory, he had already set his mind on pursuing Hannah Ann.

In his predictions, Madison comes back right before Peter proposes to Hannah, which throws him off his game and he needs to regroup. This leaves Hannah confused, making her feel like a runner-up or a second choice.

Nick also guesses that Hannah will threaten to leave Peter behind, which levels the playing field. This is why Peter could be so confused as he has both women one minute and both threatening to leave the next.

Nick Viall’s theory also addresses Peter’s mom saying ‘bring her home to us’

Nick continues his theory by explaining that he thinks Hannah Ann is on her way out the door when Peter finally sends home Madison.

He thinks the statement “bring her home” refers to Hannah Ann, as his mom wants him to go back and get her.

In a hilarious twist, Chris Bukowski chimed in on Nick’s theory, joking that Nick had “done this a few times” before, hence the elaborate theory.

We’ve previously shared our theory that this season remains unspoiled because Peter has yet to pick between Madison and Hannah. We guessed that the final decision will happen on the After The Final Rose, which happens live.

In our theory, we still don’t know who Peter’s mom is referring to when she asks Peter to “bring her home.” All answers will be revealed in two weeks.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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