Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan got cozy at a party: Could these Bachelor alums be dating?

Nick Viall
Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan got cozy at a party recently. Pic credit: ABC

Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan are two memorable people from The Bachelor world.

Nick Viall appeared on The Bachelorette twice and then got his own season of The Bachelor, but he still ended up single at the end.

Kelley Flanagan is someone we’ve just met in the Bachelor franchise.

She was on Peter Weber’s season of the Bachelor but was sent home just before hometown dates.

Fans will remember her for being an attorney and saying to the cameras that she was accomplished, compared to the other girls he had left.

Even though Peter didn’t see a connection with Kelley, someone else could.

Could Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan become a thing?

Nick Viall supposedly got cozy with Kelley at Chris Harrison’s party not too long ago.

Harrison mentioned this on an Instagram post where everyone could see it.

In addition to Chris Harrison’s comment on Instagram, he also spoke out about the two in an Instagram Live video, where he revealed once again that Nick and Kelley were indeed very, very cozy.

“They were very cozy, I’ll say this. Nick and Kelley were very cozy at my party.”

And it appears that people love the idea of them together. On Nick’s original Instagram post, several celebrities from the Bachelor Nation replied, including Dean Unglert, who added, “OMG DATE.”

Hannah Ann also added, “Wow I’m kind of liking this.”

However, most people explained that the two of them getting together would make up for Peter’s bad season of The Bachelor.

The two of them have not confirmed anything.

Nick Viall and Kelley Flanagan have some things in common

They both have a love for Chicago. That’s where they are both located and work. In other words, it wouldn’t be hard for them to start a relationship.

Second, they don’t have the best of luck in finding love on a reality television show, but they can share their experiences.

And third, they have all the support in the world to start a relationship.

After The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, it was revealed that Peter’s family all follow Kelley on Instagram. Peter’s mom Barbara was especially fond of Kelley.

Fans were quick to notice that Kelley was missing during the Women Tell All special.

Many believed that producers were trying to save face after she was invited to sit in the studio audience for the Bachelor finale.

The Bachelorette is expected to air later this spring.