Nick Viall defends reputation for dating around in this TikTok video

Nick Viall poses on the red carpet.
Nick Viall claps back at fans who claim he has been dating around too much. Pic credit: ©

Former Bachelor lead Nick Viall may not have found his true love yet but at least he is managing to find the positives to being single.

Nick has had a long, complicated relationship with The Bachelor, and his reputation during and after his time on the franchise has fluctuated.

He went from being the villain to being the nice guy. Now, people are calling him a player.

Nick has recently gotten flack about dating around and not settling down.

Since being on The Bachelor, Nick has dated celebrities, models and actresses including January Jones.

Now, he is with girlfriend Natalie Joy, but fans are afraid that won’t last long either.

Nick clapped back at those calling him a player in a comedic way through TikTok.

Nick lists the pros to dating around

Nick used TikTok’s #whatdidshesayyy challenge to put a positive spin on his single lifestyle.

Nick started off the video falling backwards to the beginning of Jason Derulo’s Watcha Say as the challenge typically starts.

He captioned this segment of the video, “Getting judged for dating around.”

While he acknowledged his most recent reputation, he argued a savage point about the perks of not rushing to settle down.

As the video continued, the remix kicked in and he danced joyously as the caption read, “Not having to hire a divorce lawyer when I met my person.”

In the video’s overall caption, Nick compared dating to shopping transactions. The caption read, “Returns are a pain, best to shop around.”

Nick also added a follow-up to his shopping analogy in the comments section.

“Forever is a long time. Make sure you sample before you buy,” he wrote.

Nick Viall's comment on TikTok
Nick gives dating advice with a shopping analogy Pic credit: TikTok/@nickviall

Fans have mixed reactions to Nick’s video

Fans were split on how they felt about Nick’s comedic take on his reputation.

Some fans thought Nick made a valid point.

One fan thought that the people who judge him for dating around are hypocritical.

“I never understand why people judge others for dating around but then complain that cheaters cheat instead of breaking it off,” the fan wrote.

Another fan commended Nick’s message and said she learned it the hard way through personal experience.

“wish I took this advice…married my first and only boyfriend…big mistake. turns out experience also helps you notice red flags,” the fan expressed.

Fans comment on Nick Viall's TikTok
Fans weigh in on Nick’s message Pic credit: TikTok/@nickviall

Meanwhile, other users weren’t impressed with his take.

One fan shaded him by expressing that his excuse may not apply to the way he dates.

“do u really think you can go to the depths of actually knowing someone if ur always dating at surface level?” the user asked.

Another TikTok user defended couples who have been successful without having dated around.

“You don’t have to try out everyone. Sometimes the first person you date is your one. When you know, you know,” the user stated.

Fans comment on Nick Viall's TikTok.
Some followers didn’t agree with Nick’s message Pic credit: TikTok/@nickviall

While some haven’t agreed with the way Nick handled rumors of his new reputation, he has addressed them and it seems he doesn’t plan on changing his ways anytime soon.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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