Nick Viall calls out Madison Prewett for being a liar after fake fan account incident

Nick Viall
Nick Viall believes Madison Prewett is a liar. Pic credit: @nickviall/Instagram

Nick Viall was once a Bachelor. He even got engaged on the show. Therefore, he understands what goes on behind the scenes.

Nick doesn’t hold back on his podcast about other Bachelor contestants. This week, his target was Madison Prewett.

Until recently, Madison had stayed silent until she spilled the beans in an interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

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But Viall can’t let that go as he took aim at Madison once again this week.

Nick Viall calls Madison out for making fake fan accounts

This week, Nick decided to call out as a liar Madison. This is not the first time he has accused her since he brought up some of this drama in January.

At the time, Madison was accused of making fake fan accounts.

The fake fan account issue Nick referred to can be seen below.

Madison was caught commenting “Beautiful date, Madi. You are so genuine and real” on her own photo under her own account.

Nick — along with other Bachelor Nation fans — said that Madison had created fake fan accounts and then had forgotten to switch the account over when she made the comment.


Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett supposedly created a fan account. Pic credit: @bachsleuthers/Instagram

Cosmopolitan reports that things got even weirder after that, revealing that Madison made the mistake.

“Oops. Thought I wrote that comment about being real & genuine from my account but was logged into Madi’s from when she got back from filming. Don’t hate me @madiprew,” her friend supposedly wrote.

After that, Nick weighed in during his podcast.

“We also know Madison to be a little bit of a liar. It’s true! I mean, people wanna forget. I know Madison wants to forget it. But, her Instagram. That’s not an allegation. It’s a fact she did that. And listen, it is silly and trivial, right? And there’s a logical explanation for it, which is that she wanted people to like her. It’s a totally relatable thing.”

He then adds that he does like Madison but he wants to hold her accountable for how she presents herself.

“… if you’re gonna be righteous and you’re gonna be pious, and you’re gonna like talk about your relationship with God, and how you want to be an example to young women, blah blah blah blah blah, then I hold you to a higher standard. And so don’t be a liar, don’t be vain. I’m vain, I can be vain! Don’t have your family use Bruce Pearl’s house for your hometown and sell it as your own home. When it’s not your home!”

Madison did defend herself, saying that her friend really did write that comment. Still, Nick doesn’t seem convinced.

Nick Viall may have been keeping up with Madison’s online activities

It sounds like Nick has been keeping up with Madison’s activities online and some fans are tired of hearing his accusations. An Instagram account called @bachelorteaspill revealed that this same subject had been discussed for four months and now Nick needs to move on.

Nick Podcast
Nick Viall called Madison Prewett a liar on his podcast. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

The account also took aim at Nick, saying he was selling overpriced merchandise during his podcast and that hometowns are often filmed at rented locations. Going after the latter issue regarding Madison seems uncalled for as far as he’s concerned.

Not surprisingly, Madison’s recent comments about Peter caused Bachelor fans to take sides.

In an interview, she didn’t have flattering things to say about him.

Madison shared that Peter called her two days before he was spotted in Chicago with Kelley, telling her that he wanted to get back together with her and that he loved her. He would later comment on Madison’s interview, sharing that she wasn’t telling the whole story.

In addition, Madison revealed that she and Kelley Flanagan were best friends when they were filming The Bachelor. She revealed she was shocked when Kelley and Peter were spotted together in Chicago — and on her birthday, no less.

While she has moved on, Madison did share that she was upset to learn that her best friend was giving Peter a second chance.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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