Madison Prewett says Peter Weber called her days before he was spotted with Kelley — to get back together!

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett speaks out about Peter and Kelley. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Madison Prewett is breaking her silence after appearing on the show this past winter.

As fans recall, Peter Weber decided to go against Madison’s wishes. Even though she wanted him to stay celibate during filming, he chose to sleep with some of the women.

Madison decided to leave him behind just as he was ready to propose to her. Still, after he broke off his back-up engagement to Hannah Ann, he wanted to see if there was a shot with Madison.

The two tried to make things work for about 48 hours after The Bachelor finale took place. However, after those two days, they went their separate ways.

And that was the end of Madison and Peter — or so we thought.

Madison Prewett opens up about Peter reaching out to her

As it turns out, Peter may have been trying to get a third shot with Madison around the time the country shut down due to the coronavirus. Since he didn’t want to stay home with his parents in California during the quarantine, he started reaching out to others.

Madison went on Off The Vine podcast with Kaitlyn Bristowe, revealing that just two days before being spotted on Chicago’s waterfront with Kelley Flanagan, he had called Prewett to set up a reunion with her.

During the interview, Madison revealed that Peter called and texted her. She spilled the beans, saying Peter admitted that he missed her and wanted to get back together.

When she told Kaitlyn this information, Madison laughed about the circumstances. In other words, she did not seem too hurt that Peter chose to ride out the quarantine with Kelley.

Madison Prewett claims she was just joking with a recent video on Tik Tok

Madison made headlines a few days ago after she shared a video on Tik Tok that included other contestants from The Bachelor. Several women showed up for the production, but not Kelley. When asked by a fan where she has been, Madison joked that she was with their ex-boyfriend in quarantine.

Madi Prewett
Madi Prewett defends her Tik Tok video. Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Madison is currently responding to the feedback she has been getting from fans, revealing the video and her comments about Kelley being with their ex-boyfriend was a fun fib.

“It was just a joke!” Madison responded. “No shade. All the love for them both.”

That said, love is still in the air. Kelley appears to be getting a lot of attention from Peter’s parents, who both sent hearts to Kelley’s Instagram posts.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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4 years ago

Madison should be thankful she got far away from indecisive Peter Peter pumpkin eater, his possessive overbearing, emotional mother and his “I have no opinion, just do what my wife tells me” father!

4 years ago

Peter can do better than Kelly why would anyone want to be with someone who thinks she’s the queen better than anyone even God I can’t believe peters mom likes her

4 years ago