New David Eason arrest details claim former Teen Mom 2 dad threatened ‘I will blow your f**king brains out’ to Jenelle Evans’ gay friend

David Eason reportedly threatened Jenelle Evans friend leading to his latest arrest.
More shocking details have emerged regarding David Eason’s recent arrest. Pic credit: Bravo

New David Eason arrest details claim the former Teen Mom 2 dad threatened Jenelle Evans’ gay friend saying,”‘I will blow your f**king brains out.” After his threat, David allegedly hit the man with a pistol.

The new information regarding David’s latest arrest has fans even more convinced than ever that Jenelle needs to leave him for good. David has severe anger issues that have fans concerned for the wellbeing of Jenelle and all of their kids.

What led to a heated altercation at The Land?

An arrest warrant obtained by The Sun declared David “unlawfully and willfully did assault” Jenelle’s friend. He said he would blow the man’s brains out in a manner the victim felt was real enough to report to the police. David has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats.

TMZ identified the victim as James Spivey. Jenelle, James, and their friend Tori Rhyne were at The Land to retrieve some of Jenelle’s personal items. The reality TV star had left David after another week of non-stop fighting.

When David couldn’t find his truck keys, he went ballistic, accusing the group of taking them. Although Jenelle, Tori, and James all said they didn’t have them, David didn’t believe them. James and David argued, leading to the threat and pistol-whipping.

Jenelle and her friends went to the police to document James’ injuries and report the altercation, leading to David’s arrest. A tweet from James’ boyfriend, later revealed he was fine but sore from being pistol-whipped.

Boyfriend of David Eason victim speaks out.
Pic credit: @JoshuaGalloway/Twitter

What is next for David

David is facing several court dates and legal battles. He will face a judge on July 6 in Columbus County, North Carolina, for assaulting and threatening James.

On July 28, David is set to appear in court in New Hanover County, North Carolina, for self-towing and tampering with a vehicle charges.

The incident occurred in 2018 when David self-towed a vehicle because it was parked too close to his boat. Jenelle filmed David’s actions laughing the entire time.

Last Thursday, David was arrested for failing to show up in court regarding the self-towing misdemeanor charge.

Jenelle Evans has reportedly left David Eason again
Pic credit: @JoshuaGalloway/Twitter

There is no question David is in some serious legal trouble. Could it be that he will finally face the music for some of his horrific actions?

Jenelle Evans claims to have left David Eason for good following his double arrest. The last straw was David saying,”‘I will blow your f**king brains out” to her friend James then pistol-whipping him.

Teen Mom 2 fans know though Jenelle is famous for saying she is done with David then going back to him months later.

Only time will tell if Jenelle is truly fed up with David and his anger issues.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.