David Eason arrested, facing felony charges: Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans leaves again

David Eason on Teen Mom 2.
David Eason is once again in hot water as Jenelle Evans leaves him. Pic credit: MTV

David Eason is facing felony assault charges after he allegedly pistol-whipped someone on “The Land.” The incident is said to have happened because Jenelle Evans was there to get some of her stuff after deciding to leave her husband once again.

The former Teen Mom 2 husband was also arrested in a separate incident for failing to appear in court. That case stems from a 2018 incident where David Eason allegedly did damage to someone’s car when he towed it away for being too close to his property.

What charges is David Eason facing?

Currently, David Eason will have to appear in front of the judge for his latest arrest on Monday, July 6. The entire incident began when Jenelle Evans brought friends with her to her home on “The Land” to retrieve her belongings.

There was an altercation after David realized that his truck keys were missing. He is said to have accused Jenelle and her friends of taking them, causing an argument.

That is when the former reality star allegedly pistol-whipped one of the men. Jenelle and her friends went to file a police report according to The Ashley. From there, it was decided that they would peruse felony charges and went to take David Eason into custody.

At the end of July, David is due back in court for the case where he was arrested on a failure to appear. He is going to be a busy man next month as he works to sort out what will happen when he stands in front of the court with the most recent charges.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
Jenelle Evans claimed it was a happy life five weeks ago. Pic credit: @j_evans1219/Instagram

Jenelle Evans says she is leaving again

After reconciling earlier this year, Jenelle Evans says she is done with David Eason again. She is expected to take out another order of protection against her husband, following the same steps she took last fall.

Jenelle told CeleberNation that she is staying with a relative and the kids are safe. She shared the article on her official Facebook account revealing that what happened with David Eason was true and that she was splitting from him.

As for Jenelle, she says that she is waiting until the courts reopen on Monday so she can file for a new restraining order to keep David away from her.

Teen Mom 2 fans have called for her to leave David Eason for years. After he shot and killed her dog, it still wasn’t enough. There were numerous domestic calls from “The Land” over several months. Despite her attempt at reconciliation, Jenelle Evans is once again leaving her husband.

Teen Mom 2 is expected to return to MTV in the coming weeks.

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Chantel duncan
Chantel duncan
3 years ago

She is so stupid !!! We all know she will be back in a couple months !! And she doesn’t know how to keep her f*cking kids safe :( this b***h is a ratchet