Nene Leakes unbothered by Kandi Burruss’ RHOA check: ‘I don’t really care’

Nene Leakes says she is unbothered by Kandi Burruss’ paycheck. Pic credit: @neneleakes @thekenyamoore @kandiburruss/Instagram

Ever wondered how much Kandi Burruss gets paid on RHOA?

Well, apparently it’s more than the show’s HBIC, Nene Leakes if you believe fellow housewife, Kenya Moore.

Nene Leaks comments on highest-paid Housewife

So how does Nene feel about Kandi making more than her? Well, she doesn’t really care. At least that’s what she told the women of Lady Gang during a recent interview on their podcast.

Entertainment Tonight shared an exclusive clip of the interview, which has not yet aired.

In the audio one of the hosts says to Nene, “I heard that you are the highest-paid housewife,”  to which Nene responds, “You know, I heard rumors that Kandi [Burruss] was the highest-paid Housewife.”

She continued. “So, I don’t know. I don’t know. We don’t know. I think everybody kinda assumes. What I do know is that I like my check. I don’t know what whoever’s making. I don’t really care!”

The veteran housewife added, “When I negotiated my money, I negotiated the money that I wanted,” she added. “You can’t worry about the next person, cause that’s gonna mess you up. You know, you’re gonna be thinking about how much money she’s making, $2 more than me… If she is higher-paid than I am, she’s not getting much more than me, baby. It may be $5 more, so she can keep it.”

How much does Nene get paid?

Viewers assume that the self- proclaimed HBIC of the RHOA gets the biggest paycheck since she has been with the show since the very first episode.

Last year, Radar Online broke down the salaries of each housewife on the show, and they indeed ranked Leakes as the highest paying, star with a reported salary of $2.85 million paid to her for season 12.

Kandi was ranked the second highest with a reported salary of $2.3 million.

However, while doing interviews for the season 12 premiere, Kenya Moore indicated that Burrus actually gets paid more than Leakes.

During a visit to the Wendy Williams Show last November, the host asked Kenya if she was trying to outdo the paycheck of her long-time nemesis Nene. To which Kenya retorted “Kandi makes the most money, so if I was coming for anybody’s purse and bag, it would be Kandi’s.”

Kandi’s response to the rumors

As for Kandi she is none too pleased with the ongoing rumors about her paycheck, and would rather this information be kept private.

“When I see those reports that will come out about how much each person makes on the show, I’m like, ‘Who’s giving them this information? Like, who’s really sending it in to say, ‘Oh, this person makes…’ I know I’m not telling anybody how much I make!”  Kandi told ET back in November when the rumors came out.

Kandi also says she doesn’t care what anyone else gets paid, and she doesn’t want them to care how much she gets paid either!

You can keep up with the housewives during episodes of RHOA, Sundays nights at 7/8 central on Bravo.

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