NeNe Leakes gets bashed online after urging viewers to boycott the Bravo network

NeNe Leakes wants fans to boycott Bravo. Pic credit: Bravo

NeNe Leakes is still going after the Bravo network after deciding to leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The OG has been fuming for months now and has made several claims against the network accusing them of unfair treatment and racial discrimination.

The 53-year-old recently went on Instagram live with attorney Ben Crump to dish about her gripe with Bravo while urging fans to boycott the network.

During the chat, the RHOA alum complained about being demoted while Housewives on other franchises got elevated.

NeNe wants fans to boycott Bravo

NeNe hopped on Instagram live with an attorney in tow to discuss her issues with the network.

The reality TV personality is claiming discrimination as the reason why she was allegedly treated differently than the other OG cast members throughout the Housewives franchise.

“As an original housewife, a lot of these girls were being elevated,” expressed NeNe.

“I was being demoted. And the way I was being demoted is I was given less and less episodes and these girls were given more and more episodes, I was given less.”

She added, “Orignal Housewives across the board, different states Beverly Hills, New Jersey, other places they were getting full seasons and I was given less episodes every season.”

Even before going live, NeNe shared a petition on her Twitter page, urging fans to boycott the network.

The petition seems to be a joint effort by NeNe Leakes and Married to Medicine alum, Mariah Huq.

It reads in part, “This petition is putting Bravo TV on notice that fans of the shows Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine hold them accountable for their dirty deeds, particularly as it relates to the unfair and biased treatment they have displayed towards their African American talent, more specifically NeNe Leakes and Mariah Huq.”

So far the petition has received 9,986  signatures at the time of publication.

Nene wants viewers to boycott Bravo
Pic credit:@NeNeLeakes/Twitter

Fans bash NeNe for her behavior

Despite getting some support for her petition, the former Atlanta Housewife is also getting a lot of backlash on social media.

The argument is that countless Housewives from all the franchise have been fired throughout the years, and they’ve left the show and moved on.

But it seems NeNe is holding on to a grudge, even though she was the one that decided to leave the franchise for good.

Season 13 of RHOA just kicked off and so far it doesn’t seem as if the OGs departure is missed on RHOA.

The timing of Leake’s petition may just be a coincidence, but the mom-of-two is getting some criticism for her most recent actions.

When Leakes posted her petition on Twitter, fans quickly bashed the Bravo alum and accused her of playing the victim.


Twitter fan blast Nene Leakes for her petition
Pic credit:@Peeps1908/Twitter


Twitter fans bash Nene Leakes
Pic credit:@SianTheshanny/Twitter
RHOA fans bach Nene Leakes
Pic credit:@awkwardtobehold/Twitter
Twitter fans bash Nene Leakes
Pic credit:@LAjuliemccoy/Twitter

What do you think about Nene’s petition to boycott Bravo?


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