Nayte Olukoya posts first photos since Michelle Young breakup

Nayte Olukoya
Nayte Olukoya makes an appearance after his breakup. Pic credit: ABC

Nayte Olukoya was chosen as Michelle Young’s winner on Season 18 of The Bachelorette. When the duo received a check for $200,000 at the After the Final Rose segment following Michelle’s season finale, Nayte stated he would be moving to Minnesota to live with Michelle.

However, almost a year went by, and Nayte still remained in Texas, and the couple was still dating long-distance.

After Michelle announced she was stepping away from the classroom and teaching, Bachelor Nation thought maybe they were finally moving in together somewhere, and perhaps a proposal was coming.

However, the twosome announced they were splitting up, and fans were crushed. After revealing this news, and reading their statements, not much else was heard from either Michelle or Nayte — until now.

Nayte Olukoya has reappeared since his breakup with Michelle Young

Nayte has resurfaced on his Instagram page for the first time since the news broke that he and Michelle were over.

He could be seen in three photos smiling and wearing sunglasses and a bucket hat out in the sun. Nayte was also bare-chested showing off his many tattoos and completing his look with his ever-present earrings and a pearl necklace.

Nayte captioned his photos and post by writing, “Good evening to my fellow Cancers. It’s officially #CancerSzn.”

Bachelor Nation alums and fans react to seeing Nayte

The first few comments talked about Cancer season and how Nayte looks like another celebrity, Chris Brown.

Clay Harbor, a fellow Bachelor Nation alum, wrote first that he is also a Cancer sign as his birthday is on July 2, and another guy posted, “ohhh my dude is one of themmmm.”

Another viewer wrote, “(fire flame emoji) Thought this was Chris brown for a minute then I realized I don’t follow Chris brown lol (laughing/crying face emoji).”

Viewers talk about Nayte being a Cancer when it comes to signs.
Pic credit: @kingbabatunde/Instagram

One other person posted about how they were happy to see Nayte smiling after his breakup with Michelle Young, as they stated, “Good to see ya smiling (three star emojis).”

While more fans wanted to point out the fact that Nayte was not only just wearing a pearl necklace but pulling it off, they wrote, “Ok the pearls thooooo,” and “Only you can pull off a pearl necklace bro.”

Fans love Nayte's pearl necklace and are glad to see him smiling after the break-up.
Pic credit: @kingbabatunde/Instagram

Nayte and Michelle’s relationship

While Michelle and Nayte had gone as far as to talk about what they wanted to name their future children, the two just didn’t make it.

As Bachelor Nation continues to speculate on what happened between the duo, no answers have been given yet as to whether Nayte broke it off, Michelle decided to end it, or if it was a mutual decision because things just weren’t working out.

Hopefully, as time goes on, more information will be released so that viewers can know why the duo they were so rooting for, fell apart.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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