Bachelor Nation fans debate whether Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya should give their $200,000 check back

Michelle Young & Nayte Olukoya
Fans wonder if Michelle and Nayte will return huge check. Pic credit: ABC

When Michelle Young chose Nayte Olukoya as her final winner and who she wanted to be with during her season of The Bachelorette, fans were surprised but happy for her.

While the two were planning on living together in Minnesota, where Michelle was, they never got to that point after the show aired.

During the After the Final Rose segment of Michelle’s season, the production brought out a cute little gingerbread house to them while they sat in the hot seat.

After opening the top of this house, Michelle and Nayte were shell-shocked to see a check worth $200,000 for a down payment on a home together. However, now that the duo has broken up, what happens to that money?

Bachelor Nation fans debate on what Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya should now do with that money

Nayte seemed adamant during the finale that he would be moving to Minnesota to be with Michelle; however, he stayed in Texas the entire time they were together.

Now, because they never did purchase a house together and are broken up, Bachelor Nation fans are mixed on what should happen to that $200,000 the couple was given earlier.

While some thought the engagement ring and having the wedding opportunity paid for were enough, others weren’t sure the money could be taken back legally. In contrast, some viewers think they hadn’t actually received the money per se, and still, others believe they deserve to keep it.

One woman stated, “They likely weren’t actually given the money yet, my assumption is that the company made them put it in escrow until a house was actually purchased.”

Another guy wrote, “Given the very intense federal laws that exist around game show prizes, especially cash game show prizes, I’m not sure if ABC has any right to demand it be placed in escrow or it be returned. It was a gift provided as a check. It’s who ever’s name is on the check.”

Fans debate on what should happen to the check Michelle and Nayte received for a downpayment on a house.
Pic credit: @BachelorBob_/Twitter

One fan agreed with the above, as they put, “more than likely they never got the money. I’m sure it was set up that once they were ready to buy a house then they’d receive the money.”

Two others were in disagreement as one thought they should be able to keep the money since it was a gift, and the other threw shade at Nayte.

That person claimed, “I think they need to give back the money. The broke up didn’t come as a surprise. Nayte didn’t love at all we all saw. She refused to be warned by her own parents @michelleyoung now she’s feeling it and let the great guys who were there for her.”

Fans are mixed on what should happen to that $200,000 check.
Pic credit: @BachelorBob_/Twitter

Bachelor Nation may never find out what happened or will happen to the money the couple had received as a gift for a down payment on a house. But fans do hope Michelle and Nayte are doing ok after their break-up.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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