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Nathan Griffith addresses comments that he wants to get back together with Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and Nathan at the Teen Mom 2 reunion
Jenelle Evans recently hinted that Nathan wanted to get back together with her, but he denies that accusation. Pic credit: MTV

Nathan Griffith is speaking out about a video that surfaced earlier this week of his ex-girlfriend Jenelle Evans.

In the video, Jenelle reveals that she’s currently not in the best place with Nathan because he wants more than her. She essentially hinted that he wants her back, but she wants to be single.

Now, Nathan wants to address these comments and it sounds like he isn’t in agreement with Jenelle about her beliefs.

While there had been a rumor that the two were back together, it ended up being a clickbait rumor and the two confirmed that their co-parenting relationship is indeed much better.

However, there’s no romantic connection at the moment.

Nathan Griffith denies wanting a relationship with Jenelle

Nathan spoke to Champion Daily about the video, revealing that he’s not interested in making a comment about it.

“Yeah, I’m not getting into that drama,” Nathan revealed. “There is always something going on with her, rather if it’s a twisted version of the truth or a complete lie.”

“We were getting along great but somewhere along the line there was a fall out, once again. Her continuously making ridiculous accusations and pretty much going off on me like always,” he explained to the website.

Griffith concluded the statement by saying that he could add a lot more to the conversation, but he doesn’t like the petty back and forth game that he claims Jenelle is playing.

In the video, Jenelle reveals that while they had been good right after she left David Eason behind, things had turned a bit sour again. You can watch her comment below.

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans have a rocky past

Earlier this year, Nathan and his mom got into a fight that landed him in the hospital. He had threatened to take his own life, something Jenelle didn’t comment on publicly. However, Jenelle has previously questioned whether Nathan was a stable father for their son, Kaiser.

Back in October 2019, he was arrested for a DWI.

Last summer, Nathan was doing supervised visits with Kaiser, something Jenelle wanted until their issues had eased.

Earlier in 2019, Jenelle learned that Nathan wanted to file for full custody of Kaiser because he had a suspicion that Jenelle and David were abusing the little boy. Even his mother had filed for emergency custody after claiming she had found bruises on him.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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