My 600-lb Life update: Here’s what Shannon Lowery looks like now

My 600-lb Life's Shannon Lowery.
Shannon Lowery’s weight loss story was recently featured on TLC’s hit reality show My 600-Lb Life. Find out where she is today. Pic credit: TLC

Shannon Lowery’s journey on My 600-Lb Life was much like many of the other show’s participants. She had been heavy her whole life and was looking to change her future by undergoing weight loss surgery.

At just under 40-years-old, Shannon believed she was tipping the scale near 700-lbs and she knew that if she didn’t take drastic action to improve her health, there were bound to be serious consequences.

An interesting twist to her story was that Shannon’s father had undergone the same weight loss surgery that she was hoping to complete, just five years prior. Meaning that she had seen the possibilities of success with the surgery– all it would take is her effort and dedication.

Of course, it wasn’t an easy ride for Shannon, she struggled to get on track and continued to jeopardize her chances of getting the surgery.

Shannon struggled to meet weight loss goals

Shannon and her husband, Simon, traveled from their home in Tucson, Arizona to meet with Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas to find out what it would take for her to qualify for weight loss surgery.

When she stepped on the scale, Shannon realized she had reached a new jaw-dropping weight of 739 lbs. Unlike other episodes, Dr. Nowzaradan opted to admit her to the hospital immediately due to medical distress.

During that time, Shannon was put on a strict diet and told that once she was released, she was expected to lose an additional 150 lbs within two months. And although she was hopeful that she would be able to meet that goal, it turned out she wasn’t quite ready for the dedication and commitment it required from her.

After a disastrous follow-up with Dr. Nowzaradan where Shannon was unable to find out her weight because she was too heavy for the scale, she got back on track and managed to weigh in at 698-Lbs at her following visit.

The episode ended in Month 14 of Shannon’s journey. She had not yet received the weight loss surgery she needed, but she was committed to living a healthier lifestyle in order to regain her quality of life.

Where is Shannon now?

According to Shannon’s social media, she is still on her weight loss journey. She regularly posts updates including sharing pictures of her meals.

She keeps track of her caloric intake on top of heading to the gym multiple times a week to meet with a personal trainer.

Unfortunately, Shannon has yet to receive her surgery due to financial difficulties that have prevented her from moving to Houston, which she would need to do in order to attend follow-up visits with Dr. Nowzaradan.

In mid-February, Shannon posted to her Facebook stating, “I don’t know what [I’m] going to do. I need to move to [Houston, Texas] so I can get surgery to save my life. But every thing [sic] [I] find in the way of [an] apartment or house [I] can’t afford. [I’m] one income and have no one [else] to come with me. [I’m freaked] out pist [sic] off and depressed all in one.”

Screenshot of status from Shannon Lowery's Facebook.
Pic credit: Shannon Lowery/Facebook

Hopefully, Shannon can stay on track and find a way to get her life-saving weight loss surgery.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Michael Damian
Michael Damian
1 year ago

Is is just a coincidence or deliberate that she is featered on
here i.e. a domain called ‘monstersandcritics’?

If the latter than her enabling husband is the real monster.
Dr. No addressed his second gain with utmost courtesy.
Wonder whether he has also a life insurance running on her…

Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett
7 months ago
Reply to  Michael Damian

its her own fault she loves to be babied.