My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes gets fresh makeover, shows weight loss progress

M 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes
My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes struggles with losing weight. Pic credit: TLC

My 600-lb Life star Thederick Barnes just shared a glimpse of his weight loss progress and fans are loving it. The TLC star seemed on the right track as he continues to improve on himself.

My 600-lb Life: Thederick Barnes shares latest weight loss progress

It looks like Thederick Barnes is eager to lose weight. The My 600-lb Life star recently shared the latest update on his slim down journey, which many find impressive.

In an Instagram post, Thederick shared a photo of himself with a slimmer look than before. The ice cream lover from Gretna, Florida appeared to have lost a few pounds.

Although his body was not shown in the photo, it looked like Thederick is lighter now than before. The My 600-lb Life star used to weigh over 700 pounds, leaving him almost “completely bedridden.”

Aside from his slimmer appearance, Thederick also got a cleaner look. The reality star trimmed his beard, giving off a fresh vibe.

Fans were quick to praise the My 600-lb Life star for staying on track of his weight loss journey. His current condition is definitely a far cry from his situation featured on the show.

Thederick’s weight struggles

For years, Thederick Barnes has struggled with his weight. The My 600-lb Life celeb had a hard time dealing with his unhealthy eating habits.

Thederick’s addiction to ice cream was so intense that he literally consumes it every day. He said he only left his house to go see the ice cream man for ten years. His poor eating habits led to congestive heart failure, which put his life at risk.

The My 600-lb Life star also struggled to lose weight for his bariatric surgery before finally getting an approval. Despite the challenges, Thederick persevered to lose weight slowly but surely. Fans are hoping he’ll continue to stick with his weight loss regimen so he can hit his goal soon.

My 600-lb Life: Who’s on the next episode?

Meanwhile, this week’s episode of My 600-lb Life will feature Kenae. The show’s synopsis revealed that she “was already big before her weight gain took off after the death of her beloved mother.”

Apparently, she turned to food hoping to fill the void brought by the passing of her mom. But her bad habit and denial turned out to be so bad that she’s now at risk of losing her own life. Will she able to turn things around?

My 600-lb Life star airs on Wednesdays on TLC.

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