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My 600-lb Life update: Has Justin McSwain kept the weight off?

My 600-lb Life update: Has Justin McSwain kept the weight off?
Justin McSwain was determined to lose weight but didn’t believe in his own ability to follow through with it Pic credit: TLC

When Justin McSwain first appeared on My 600-lb Life, he had a lot of self-doubts but he was determined to lose as much weight as possible. Viewers saw that despite how serious he was, he often felt like he wasn’t going to do it.

Unfortunately, the show hasn’t kept up with Justin too much but there have been some quick check-ups on him. Believe it or not, he’s turned into one of the reality show’s biggest losers, and he’s kept all of his weight off.

Justin’s agoraphobia and anxiety caused him to become dependent on food as comfort

Justin McSwain weighed 687 pounds when he first appeared on My 600-lb Life. An agoraphobic, he had packed on the pounds when he was in college. Soon after graduating, he established a web development firm called McSwain Media.

Despite the company doing reasonably well, he still suffered from emotional issues, which caused him to become dependent on food. That led to him put on more weight and is the reason he came to the show for help.

While Justin put a lot of effort into losing weight, he still needed treatment to deal with anxiety and other issues, such as when he had a panic attack when renting a car.

He was able to get help and then he started shedding the pounds relatively quickly. Dr. Now was impressed with his progress and approved him for gastric sleeve surgery.

Following this, Justin remained optimistic about his journey.

What happened to Justin since My 600-lb Life?

Justin recently turned up on an episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

He appeared unrecognizable to fans. When viewers last saw him, he was easily two or three times the size he currently is.

Before starring in the show, he considered ending his own life, although he has a completely different mentality now. In the time since the show, he’s stuck to Dr. Now’s diet plan and exercise advice and even joined a local gym.

While he had previously used Facebook, it appears as though his account has been deleted. He still details his weight loss journey on Instagram, however.

Just over a year after his episode aired, Justin is close to half the size he was but he has a lot of excess skin. He had a target goal of weighing in the low-200s before he’d consider skin removal surgery.

Justin is much more active than he used to be. As he notes, however, he still can’t go too far “because it hurts my back.”

Regardless, it looks like he’s still shedding the pounds.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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