Justin McSwain from My 600-lb Life update: What does he look like now?

Before, Justin was anxietal and couldn’t fit behind the wheel of a rental SUV. Pic credit: TLC

We loved tonight’s inspiring My 600-lb Life story of Justin McSwain, the kid from South Carolina who bet on himself and went to Houston for help with weight loss guru Dr. Nowzaradan.

So what has happened to this savvy tech whiz who has his own digital company?

Justin McSwain looks so good now and has created a new life for himself down in H-Town, sharing loads of great photos on his socials with his dog.

Let’s backtrack a minute before we blow you away with his new photos.

Justin McSwain was diagnosed with agoraphobia, and had spent four years away at college where he gained hundreds of pounds.

This founder of McSwain Media, his own web development firm, seemed destined for failure based on the resulting emotional issues that plagued him.

But not so… as Justin has worked through the emotional abuse from his step-mother and has turned to working out at Gold’s Gym and sticking to Dr. Now’s strict diet.

Initially, Justin clocked in at 687 pounds at Dr. Now’s clinic but he buckled down and got some nutrition religion and did what the Doctor told him to do.

So where is Justin now?

It turns out that he’s still in Houston, as Justin is using Facebook and Instagram to share his motivation and progress.

Justin in a great photo posted on his Instagram account. Pic credit: Justin McSwain/Instagram

Posting awesome pictures of his new city and his cute dog Finn, Justin is killing it in the getting his act together department.

This past summer he Instagrammed: “Progress takes work. It helps to have good people behind you.”

And here is Justin just two weeks ago:

Justin is also participating in the Houston NEDA Walk.

Back in November, he wrote: “I am walking to help raise critical funds that support eating disorders prevention and support programs, advocacy efforts, and research initiatives.”

Justin is doing everything a young man should be doing and more, he’s giving back and getting a chance to grow his business and make new friends, we will keep up with him as time goes on to see how he is doing.

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays on TLC.

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