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My 600-lb Life update: Has Ashley Taylor changed her controversial ways?

My 600-lb Life Update: Has Ashley Taylor changed her controversial ways?
Ashley Taylor is one of the more controversial cast members from My 600-lb life, but has she changed her ways? Pic credit: TLC

There are quite a few cast members from My 600-lb Life who fans consider to be controversial. Season 8’s Ashley Taylor would rank high among them as the star was argumentative from the beginning of her journey.

At one point, fans wondered why she even appeared on the show, as she was continuously battling against Dr. Now’s advice. Despite that, she did put in some effort and managed to lose a little bit of weight.

Unfortunately, Ashley wasn’t eligible for the gastric bypass surgery that she was looking for.

Fans of the show have wondered whether she’s managed to keep the weight off or if she’s lost any additional weight.

Ashley’s controversial time on My 600-lb Life

When Ashley appeared on Season 8 of My 600-lb Life, she refused to take an initial weigh-in, which meant they had to guess at her starting weight. As viewers might have expected, she didn’t seem to take the show too seriously which led to her having an argument with Dr. Now.

The confrontation resulted in her walking out before her appointment was finished. Fans were left infuriated and questioned why she came onto the TLC show if she wasn’t going to listen.

By the time her journey was finished, Ashley weighed in at 469 pounds. While it’s unclear how much weight she lost, the final weigh-in total meant that she wasn’t eligible to get gastric bypass surgery.

Controversy on other reality shows

Reality TV fans might recognize Ashley Taylor from a few other TV shows and her behavior was not much different from her time on My 600-lb Life.

Ashley was called out for creating fake social media profiles and impersonating other people on the MTV show Catfish.

During her time on the show, she was as confrontational as fans might expect. She did say, however, that the fake profiles were the result of loneliness, which may have also impacted her weight. She addressed this in her My 600-lb Life episode.

“I recently got caught impersonating someone on the internet, and I hope people know that I never meant to hurt anyone, that was never my intention,” she said.

Because of her appearance on Catfish, Ashley removed all of her known social media accounts. As a result, fans haven’t been able to keep too up-to-date with the star.

While she may not be active on social media, it doesn’t look she’s done much to change her controversial ways. She did apologize for her actions, but it’s unknown at this time if she’s truly learned from her mistakes.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 months ago

Infuriates me that this unemployed lazy slug gets disability money so gets to have her own place without working for it. Those huge chicken dinner orders had to be at least $40. How does a welfare recipient afford to buy tons of fast food? Also, she was a real dirtball. Pathological is right. Ashley T is a lousy human.