My 600-lb Life update: Bethany Stout keeps the weight off years later

My 600-lb Life update: Bethany Stout keeps the weight off years later
Bethany Stout has managed to keep the weight off after appearing on the show Pic credit: @bethanystout600lblife/Instagram.

Bethany Stout was featured in My 600-lb Life Season 8. Appearing on Episode 3 of the reality show, the then-40-year-old weighed 608 pounds. Despite her commitment to losing weight, however, she didn’t impress fans, many of whom still have mixed feelings toward her.

That hasn’t stopped the former TLC star from following Dr. Now’s advice post-show. Instead, she’s continued shedding the pounds, and her social media posts make it seem like she’s happier than ever.

Bethany Stout’s time on My 600-lb Life

When Bethany Stout first appeared on My 600-lb Life, her children said they wanted her to “become a human again.” They also noted how she loved to cook, which was almost impossible in her condition at the time.

Bethany began comfort eating during an unhappy childhood, during which she was neglected by both of her parents. During her high school years, she was sexually assaulted by an ex-boyfriend, leading to her developing depression and anxiety, along with suffering from panic attacks.

By the time she made her way onto the TLC show, her weight had spiraled. Post-partum depression following the birth of her second child had meant that she had put on more weight in the previous few years.

That didn’t stop her commitment from shedding the pounds while on the show. After a few months in Dr. Now’s program, Bethany Stout had lost enough weight to have gastric sleeve surgery. Post-surgery, however, she didn’t lose much weight, leading Dr. Now to ask that she see a psychotherapist.

Bethany disagreed with the request and subsequently left the program. By that point, she had only lost 100 pounds.

Bethany’s success after the show

Despite rejecting a psychotherapist, Bethany Stout continued following Dr. Now’s advice after the show. By her reports, she’s lost another 150 pounds and appears much happier than she used to be.

Since the show, Bethany’s started a few different endeavors. She runs two Facebook accounts and has a blog called Bariatric Mama where she details her weight loss journey. She also has the Parenting in Progress Facebook page, where she talks about mother and child-related topics.

Outside of that, she has rarely appeared in other media, either related to the TLC show or otherwise. The Season 8 star spends as much time as possible with her kids. While she doesn’t post about them too often, she has noted how glad she is to have quality time with them.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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