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My 600-lb Life exclusive preview: Bethany’s daughters hope she can become ‘human’ again

Bethany cannot stop overeating causing her two daughters to worry. Pic credit: TLC
Bethany cannot stop overeating — causing her two daughters to worry. Pic credit: TLC

On the next episode of TLC’s gripping nonfiction series, My 600-lb Life, Bethany Stout of Alva, Oklahoma, is featured. Her story sounds very familiar if you track the show and the subjects.

Our exclusive clip opens with her oldest daughter, Isabella, expressing her fears. Bethany has relied on food to medicate herself. Food is used to relieve the discomfort in her life — ever since she was a child and her mother failed at keeping her safe.

Partially with the help of food, Bethany overcame a traumatic youth and became an addiction counselor with her own practice as an adult. But now her compulsion to keep eating has resulted in a weight gain so enormous that she can no longer work.

She says: “I hope that my mom can lose the weight and become healthy and become a human again. And, I’ve told her I will do anything for her to stay on track. If that means I have to lock every cabinet when I leave the house, I will do it… because I need my mom. I don’t think I could keep going if I lose my mom. But I also don’t think I would know what to do with my life, because my life revolves around taking care of my mom.” Sobbing, she adds: “I love my mom. My mom is my best friend, but I can’t handle it anymore.”

Little Zowie says: “I would love my mom to feel happy again. I just want her to have all the things that she had before, like standing for a long time… she loved cooking but now she can’t really cook. So I will love her to have that freedom again.”

Speaking to the camera, Bethany acknowledges the issue: “I know I’m running out of time, and I can’t keep going like this but knowing that still doesn’t stop me. Because when the cravings come and I have to have what I want. It’s all I can think about. I don’t think about how I’m gonna die and how I’m gonna leave my girls without a mother if I don’t stop. But I can’t let that happen so I know and believe there has to be a way for me to get help.”

TLC released an official description that explains the gist of the entire episode:

“At more than 600 lbs., Bethany can barely move, so her two daughters — Isabella, 18, and Zowie, 10 – must help take care of her. Even though she knows enough about addiction to see that the path she’s on leads to a dead end, she also knows that without Dr. Now’s program she might never find a way to stop gaining weight.”

The weight-loss reality series, My 600-lb Life, is back for Season 8 on TLC and the stakes have never been higher. People are more overweight than ever in the USA and even in some European countries, and girth-gaining Americans are shortening their lifespans and losing the quality of life and mobility.

The emotional fan-favorite series focuses on the personal stories of these damaged people who are struggling to escape the prisons that are their own bodies.

This season on My 600-lb Life, we will see new journeys and first-hand footage of their hardships with addiction, dependence, and the inevitable impact their condition has on their families and loved ones.

Each episode features Dr. Nowzaradan and charts the continued incredible progress thereafter as these folks are living the lives they had hoped for.

Check out this exclusive My 600-lb Life exclusive sneak peek and tune in and see if Bethany will get serious about her weight loss.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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