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Bethany Stout on My 600-lb Life update: Here’s what she looks like now

Bethany posted this picture on her Facebook page in December 2019, she is looking great. Pic credit: Bethany Stout/Facebook
Bethany posted this picture on her Facebook page in December. She is looking great. Pic credit: Bethany Stout/Facebook

The weight-loss reality series, My 600-lb Life, is back for Season 8 on TLC. On Wednesday night we are introduced to Bethany Stout of Oklahoma.

She has a huge challenge, as her weight became so unmanageable that her kids had to step in to care for her. But there is some happy news to report. Based on the current photos posted on Bethany’s Facebook page, she seems to have taken Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s advice (and diet) to heart.

People are more overweight than ever in the USA and even in some European countries, and girth-gaining Americans are shortening their lifespans and losing the quality of life and mobility.

But for Bethany, a lifetime of these bad choices has been addressed, and this Alva, Oklahoma resident from Kansas, who met her husband Sheldon back in 1999, is showing that it is never too late to make a change for the better.

This self-described blogger — and influencer for Parenting In Progress — studied at Northwestern Oklahoma State University after she went to Chaparral High.

In our exclusive clip Monsters & Critics received today, her oldest daughter, Isabella, expresses her deepest fears.

Bethany had relied on food to medicate herself. Food is used to relieve the discomfort she feels in her life — as in the episode we learn that ever since she was a child, her mother failed at keeping her safe.

Bethany loves to show off her nails on her social media. Pic credit: Bethany Stout/Facebook

This season on My 600-lb Life, we will see new journeys and first-hand footage of their hardships with addiction, dependence, and the inevitable impact their condition has on their families and loved ones.

The emotional fan-favorite series focuses on the full circle personal stories of these damaged people who are struggling to escape the prison that has become their own bodies as they heal from past traumas.

Each episode features Dr. Nowzaradan charting the continued incredible progress these folks make with his help. It boils down to the patient, themselves, and if they are willing to do the hard work and reprogram their behaviors. The positive end result awaits those who adhere to Dr. Now’s diet and buy into the process. Now they are living the lives they had hoped for.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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