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Mountain Monsters new season given 2022 release date: Here’s when it’s coming out

Mountain Monsters
Mountain Monsters is coming back in 2022. Pic credit: Discovery+

Mountain Monsters returned in January 2021 with a season that paid tribute to AIMS founder “Trapper” John Tice.

However, after that season ended, fans wondered if Tice’s death marked the end of Mountain Monsters.

The good news is that the group is far from finished, and they are coming back for a new season on both Travel Channel and streaming on Discovery+.

Here is everything we know so far about Mountain Monsters 2022.

This article provides everything that is known about Mountain Monsters 2022 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 8 of Mountain Monsters?

There was no word on whether or not there would be another Mountain Monsters season after the death of “Trapper” John Tice.

The show moved to Discovery+ exclusively, and then the network sent out a press release on December 17, 2021, that announced that the new season was coming in less than a month.

The press release referred to the new season as the sixth, but it is technically the eighth season of the hit Discover show.

Season 1 of Mountain Monsters premiered on Destination America in 2013, followed by a second season in 2014.

In 2015 and 2016, Mountain Monsters had two Bigfoot Editions. In 2017, it was back for Season 5 with Secrets of the Dark Forest.

In 2019, it was time for Season 6, titled The Quest for Spearfinger Part 1. In 2021, the show returned for The Adventures from Trapper, which gave fans a chance to say goodbye to John Tice.

Now, in 2022, it will be time for Season 8, titled Tygart Valley Mysteries.

Release date latest: When does Mountain Monsters Season 8 come out?

Discovery announced on December 17, 2021, when Mountain Monsters would return to Discovery+.

Mountain Monsters Season 8 will premiere on Sunday, January 3, 2022, on Travel Channel and will also begin streaming the same day on Discovery+.

There will be 10 new one-hour episodes of Mountain Monsters.

Mountain Monsters Season 8 cast updates

“Trapper” John Tice passed away in December 2019. Mountain Monsters Season 7 opened with a tribute episode to Trapper.

The surviving members of Mountain Monsters will be back for the new season.

The Mountain Monsters cast members are part of a team known as Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), and they go deep into the Appalachian Mountains, as their name suggests.

This is a team combining hunters and trappers.

This includes Willy McQuillian, Jeff Headlee, Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott, Jacob “Buck” Lowe, and William “Wild Bill” Neff.

Mountain Monsters Season 8 spoilers

While “Trapper” John Tice has died, his spirit will be part of the new season of Mountain Monsters.

According to the press release, “Before setting off, the AIMS team are given an old shoeshine box that belonged to their beloved late team leader, Trapper. While they are unsure of what the contents of the box mean, they know there must be more to it after finding an old picture of Trapper sitting next to a Tygart Valley sign. So, they hit the road equipped with the box and determination to catch Bigfoot.”

They soon discover that they ended up in a “cryptozoic creature hotspot unlike any other.”

“As they chase the numerous monsters of the Tygart Valley and build breathtaking traps, they continue to learn that Trapper may have been onto this secret all along, and the key to the entire adventure may be within their reach.”

Here is a look at the 10 episodes of Mountain Monsters Season 8:

Episode 1 – Bigfoot or Bust – The team hit the ground running as they head back to the Tygart Valley on a mission to prove that a Bigfoot roams those mysterious hollers. A rumbling sound from deep in the hills gets the guys moving, and they stumble upon a strange tree structure.

Episode 2 – Cow-Killing Bastard – Things heat up for the team when Buck realizes that the legendary Grafton Monster has migrated to the Tygart Valley. It’s a monster hunt unlike any other when they stumble across the mutilated carcass of a cow.

Episode 3 – Bloodbath in the Woods – The AIMS team comes in hot onto a local cattle farm after realizing the Grafton Monster is hunting livestock. They set off on a night-stalking mission to hunt for what they believe is the creature’s most recent victim and encounter an absolute bloodbath.

Episode 4 – Huckleberry’s Monster – Huckleberry reveals his family’s terrifying brush with the Grafton Monster. Later, Jeff breaks out his “hillbilly hazmat suit” to do some blood work on an old dog collar. And Buck gets into a hellacious fistfight with locals under the moonlight.

Episode 5 – Trapper’s Birthday – After a rip-roaring fistfight in the woods, the AIMS team gathers together to remember team leader Trapper on his birthday. Huckleberry busts out a jar of his famous “Squatch Piss,” and before long, Appalachia’s favorite hillbilly sons are seeing double.

Episode 6 – World’s Biggest Bigfoot Nest – The team gets a hot lead about a local hunter who claims to have found a massive Bigfoot nest hidden somewhere in the hills of the Tygart Valley. They are joined by superfan “Cowboy Ken” on a night hunt that brings them face-to-face with their most incredible Bigfoot find in team history.

Episode 7 – A Monster Turf War – The AIMS team finds themselves in the middle of a turf war between the Grafton Monster, Bigfoot and a pack of Smoke Wolves as these killer cryptids battle it out for territory. Wild Bill asks Buck to help him lose his substantial baby fat as Bill goes on a Squatch jerky diet. The team heads into the Tygart Valley in search of the source of a mysterious rumbling noise that is shaking the hills.

Episode 8 – Rumble in the Hills – ​​The search is on to find a lost brother when AIMS team member Willy goes missing somewhere in the hidden hills of the Tygart Valley. After hearing gunshots, the team makes a shocking discovery and must evacuate Willy from the woods. Buck is forced to judge a contest to determine who has the best body on the team as the boys pop their tops, flex their muscles, and show what their mommas gave them.

Episode 9 – 1984 – The AIMS team head out on a night hunt for Smoke Wolves after encountering a herd of fleeing cattle and a mutilated calf ripped to pieces. A local man brings the team to tears as he shares a heartbreaking story about the devastation inflicted on his family by the Smoke Wolves in the Tygart Valley. The team learns incredible new information about Trapper that dates back to 1984, as Huckleberry blows the case wide open.

Episode 10 – Bigfoot on Camera – After a sudden Smoke Wolf attack on a local’s farm, the AIMS team is in full force and on the hunt for these deadly canine cryptids. They meet with a familiar face who can shed light, once and for all, on what Trapper was doing in the Tygart Valley all those decades ago. The team makes an earth-shattering discovery with their best Bigfoot evidence in team history – one that no doubt has Trapper smiling down, proud of his Appalachian sons.

Mountain Monsters will premiere on Sunday, January 2, 2022, on Travel Channel and Discovery+.