Most shocking Duggar moments from 2022

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are no longer reality TV stars but their drama is far from over. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar family has lived a very different life in 2022.

They went from living in the public eye to losing their second television series because of Josh Duggar’s actions.

2022 was the first year the family hadn’t filmed anything at all for the TLC network. The Duggars had been filming for the network for well over a decade.

While several of the siblings continue to keep their followers updated via social media and some sprouting up YouTube channels for revenue, a few couples have chosen to pull back from the very public life they were forced into because of the show.

Despite all that, there have still been shocking moments from the Duggar camp this year. 2021 was a doozy, and that aftermath was still playing out this year.

These are some of the most shocking Duggar moments from the former reality TV family that happened in 2022.

Josh Duggar sentenced to serve federal prison time

Josh Duggar was found guilty of possession and receipt of child pornography in December 2021. His sentencing was due in April, but they pushed it back to May 2022.

When the time came around to sentence Josh for his crimes, he was given 12.5 years behind bars in federal prison. He was only sentenced on the charge of receiving the material as it was the charge that carried more weight. Aside from his prison term, Josh will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, check in with an officer for several years following his release, and several other stipulations that went into his sentencing.

Currently, Josh Duggar is in Texas, serving his time. He wasn’t moved immediately, as it took time to find out where he would go. Anna Duggar remains a faithful wife and is reportedly considering a move to Texas so that she can see Josh as much as she can as the years go on. Federal prisons do not allow conjugal visits, so, likely, this couple is also done welcoming children.

Jeremy Vuolo makes a scathing statement about Josh Duggar’s sentencing

Following the sentencing of Josh Duggar in May, several Duggar siblings made statements. For the most part, many of them were not saying much. They weren’t condemning him for his misdeeds but instead offering support to Anna Duggar and their children.

However, that changed when Jeremy Vuolo spoke about his and Jinger Duggar’s stance regarding Josh and his sentencing. He acknowledged many victims in the scenario and revealed they “rejoice for justice.”

The biggest grievance Jeremy talked about was Josh portraying himself as a Christian. He was a “high-profile” Christian, and “the higher the platform, the harder the fall.”

Jeremy also mentioned the hypocrisy and the “false prophets.” This was a jab at Jim Bob Duggar, who was rumored to believe that Josh was dealing with this so that he could spread God’s word in prison.

Jinger Duggar breaks free from IBLP

Jinger Duggar has always been dubbed the “rebel” child. She is the one who married the soccer star who wasn’t pure but had come into faith later in life.

She moved away from Arkansas to live with her husband in Laredo, Texas, right after marriage. Then, she decided to change up her wardrobe and incorporate pants and eventually moved on to shorts and other things that would break the dress code she and her sisters were made to follow while living at the Duggar compound.

Now, Jinger is telling her story about why she rejects the IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles) and the teaching of Bill Gothard. She wrote a book about her experience questioning what she was taught to believe, which began in 2017. Jinger mentions “detangling fear from faith” as what the book is about.

In the YouTube video above, Jinger Duggar makes it clear the book is not a tell-all about her family but an inside look at her very personal journey to finding out the true intentions of Jesus. She is still very much a Christian but no longer a Christian who follows Bill Gothard’s teachings.

This is a similar journey that Jill Duggar took, which reportedly got her shunned by some family members. Whether this happens will Jinger remains to be seen, as the book doesn’t come out until January 2023.

Unannounced Duggar grandchildren

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with Christmas gift.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have more grandchildren than children now. Pic credit: TLC

The birth of another child was always a big deal for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Once Michelle stopped having children, the birth of their grandchildren became the highlight of their lives.

Earlier this year, there was heavy speculation that Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar welcomed a baby. Neither confirmed a pregnancy or birth, and they scrubbed their social media almost completely clean. There was also some talk Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar would welcome their fourth child. They didn’t confirm that either.

Interestingly enough, when Joy-Anna Duggar shared the YouTube video announcing her latest pregnancy to her family, she asked her dad what number grandchild her baby would be, and he said 30. That numbers don’t add up, considering there are only 27 known grandchildren for Jim Bob and Michelle.

Anna and Josh have seven children, John David and Abbie have two, Jill and Derick Dillard have three, Jessa and Ben Seewald have four, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have two, Joy-Anna and Austin have two and one more on the way, Joseph and Kendra have three confirmed, Josiah and Lauren have one confirmed, Jedidiah and Katelyn have one, Jeremiah and Hannah are expecting.

So, did Lauren and Kendra welcome babies and just not announce it to the world since they pulled back from social media? If that’s the case, that only covers two more grandchildren, so where’s the final one? Is someone else expecting and just not making it public yet?

Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann live in a camper

While this may not be shocking in the way some of the other moments listed are, it is confusing to long-time Duggar fans and followers.

Jim Bob Duggar boasts about his real estate and has even gifted some of his children homes. So, why is one of his sons living in a renovated camper? Sure, it’s a fifth wheel, but Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann are expecting this first child.

Wouldn’t they want a more permanent home? Also, where is this fifth-wheel camper parked? Presumably, it is on the Duggar compound somewhere. However, Jeremiah and Hannah didn’t mention that when they shared their video showing the renovations they did to make the camper livable.

With all that Jim Bob has, surely he wouldn’t be thrilled about one of his sons living in a camper, right? It will be interesting to see if Jer and Hannah show more of their camper living off and what they plan to do when their baby girl arrives in 2023.

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