Will Anna Duggar move to Texas to be closer to Josh Duggar?

Josh and Anna Duggar selfie.
Anna Duggar wants to move to Texas to be near Josh Duggar. Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/Twitter

Anna Duggar is a faithful wife as she visits her husband, Josh Duggar, in prison.

The disgraced reality TV star was convicted of child pornography charges in December 2021 and moved to a federal prison in Texas earlier this year.

Josh will spend 12.5 years there. However, he may be eligible for early parole if his behavior is good.

Over the last few months, Anna has been visiting her husband during the allotted time. She sees Josh twice a month and treks to Texas from Arkansas. It’s approximately a six-hour drive.

There has been speculation that Anna would move to Texas with her seven children while Josh remained there.

Will the former 19 Kids and Counting stars relocate to Texas?

Anna Duggar considers moving to Texas

According to The Ashley, Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar are reportedly arguing over her considered move to Texas.

Josh filed an appeal on his case, believing he has a shot of his conviction being thrown out.

Anna wants to move closer to her husband and work on their marriage. She has been the faithful wife, standing by Josh through it all. There wasn’t a court date she missed, and as soon as she could see him in Texas, she did.

No conjugal visits are allowed while in federal prison, so the couple attempts to reconnect through their weekend visits.

Where has Anna Duggar been?

Following all of the publicity around Josh Duggar and his crimes, Anna Duggar stayed away from the spotlight.

She attended all of his court dates with him, often shown smiling as they walked hand in hand.

Anna spent time in Texas following his guilty verdict, and her children spent time with her siblings.

However, she currently resides at the Duggar compound, likely in the “warehouse” home.

There were a few sightings of her during last year’s Duggar holiday celebrations.

She hasn’t shared much on social media besides a “more to the story” post. Anna is following social media, though. After her sister welcomed another baby, she stopped by the comment section to send love.

A few of the Duggar siblings spoke out about Josh and his crimes, with Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo making the strongest statement. Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard mentioned offering support to Anna and the kids, though there hasn’t been any indication they have seen her or the children.

Whether Anna Duggar moves to Texas is up in the air, especially with Josh Duggar not supporting it.

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1 year ago

She needs some counseling, he has done so much to her and she just kept having babies! These kids are going to have a tough life if she would move, Anna think of your kids!!!