Mindy Shiben begs MAFS fans to stop cyberbullying ‘close friend’ Katie Conrad

Mindy defends Katie amidst harsh online backlash
Mindy Shiben defends Katie Conrad against online bullying. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katie Conrad has been getting harsh backlash from viewers after the Married at First Sight reunion, and now another castmate is coming to her defense.

Viewers witnessed some shocking revelations at the season 10 reunion – one being Katie admitting to having sex with her ex-boyfriend, while still married to Derek Sherman.

This certainly didn’t help Katie’s case, as she was already deemed one of the most hated castmembers on the show.

However, the nail in the proverbial coffin for Conrad occurred after fans learned that the mental health professional went on a date with Zach Justice.

Justice – another hated cast member on the show – is Mindy Shiben’s husband, and she and Katie are supposedly “close friends.”

Justice and Conrad tried to play off the sneaky incident as if it was innocent, but the two unlikable castmembers just kept digging a deeper hole for themselves the more they tried to explain.

Of course, viewers had a lot to say on social media about the betrayal, and now Mindy is defending Katie against the attacks.

Mindy begs fans to stop bullying Katie

Katie has been fielding angry backlash for several weeks. She even disabled the comment section on her Instagram photos.

However, things must have intensified after the reunion because Mindy is now asking fans to stop cyberbullying Katie.

In a recent IG post, the figure skating coach shared a photo of herself and Katie with a message to fans.

“Today I am torn. While I am beyond grateful for the love and support, my heart hurts to see a close friend suffer from #cyberbullying.”

Shiben continued, “We’ve all done things we aren’t proud of. Imagine those things being broadcasted on national television and criticized by millions of people. From the bottom of my heart, I beg everyone to #STOPCYBERBULLYING”

Despite the request, many fans have responded by praising Mindy for her kind heart, calling her a “class act” but the general consensus is that they do not feel any sympathy for Katie.

Derek Sherman has also asked fans to go easy on Katie

The 34-year-old is not the only Married at First Sight cast member to advocate on Conrad’s behalf, her husband also made this request after the reunion.

His Instagram post said in part, “please try to go easy on Katie. This was a hard situation for the both of us. I may not believe she was ready to get married, but its still no reason for cyber bullying.”

He added, “She has an absolutely amazing family, and I can only imagine how hard it’s been for them. So please try to go easy on her.”

Married at First Sight is now on hiatus.

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