Michelle Young on Nayte Olukoya hanging out with her exes, ‘people make it weird’

Season 18 Bachelorette Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya are the latest pair to get engaged in Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: @kingbabtunde/Instagram

Former Bachelorette Michelle Young is opening up on her relationship with the receiver of her final rose, Nayte Olukoya.

Revealing new details on the Clickbait podcast, the Season 18 lead opened up about why she feels other “people make it weird” when it comes to her and her fiance hanging out with the final four finishers of her season.

“When I was kind of, going through this process, especially like my top four guys, I really did build a relationship with them and I care about them as a person,” the 28-year-old described. “And I still do. I feel like it’s the same with them and I think the weird part is almost other people making it weird.”

Michelle Young on “other people making it weird” when Nayte

With Michelle and third-place finisher Joe Coleman sharing a hometown, the pair were bound to run into each other and that happened on New Year’s Eve.

While Michelle admitted she can see why Bachelor Nation could see why her, Nayte, and Joe hanging out could be odd, the Minnesota native explained, “I kinda forget because Joe and Nayte had their own friendship and we care about each other as people.”

The educator added, “We are rooting each other on. When it comes down to it, we know it was a situation we signed up for.”

Joking that she didn’t want to end up with 30 fiances, Michelle acknowledged the whole situation would feel the weirdest for Nayte, but that’s definitely not the case.

“Nayte has a mature mindset where he moved past that,” Young added. “He checks in on me, ‘Is this gonna be weird?’ and I’m like no because I got eyes for you and only you baby.'”

Nayte hangs out with final four finishers, Rodney Mathews and Joe Coleman

Later in the interview, Michelle added that she and Nayte are in a long-distance relationship until they figure out their living situation in Minnesota.

With Nayte still living in Austin, the sales executive recently linked up with fellow final four finishers Joe Coleman and Rodney Mathews.

Also crashing the party were Season 18 contestants, Leoray Arthur and Daniel Tully.

Nayte has revealed in the past that Rodney was his roommate on the show and joked that the former football player was to blame for his thin eyebrow shape.

The only final four finishers to be absent from the gathering is the second-place finisher of Michelle’s season, Brandon Jones.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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