Nayte Olukoya blames Rodney Mathews for his shaved eyebrows, says Rodney was plotting his downfall

Nayte Olukoya smiles
Nayte Olukoya jokingly beefs with Rodney over his eyebrows. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers have found several men on Michelle Young’s season to be attractive, including top three contender Nayte Olukoya. 

Along with Nayte’s style and signature earring, he also seemed to be a big fan of manscaping, as his eyebrows seemed to always have a notably sharp shape. 

Now getting to watch The Bachelorette back, Nayte has come to the realization that perhaps his brows were a bit severe on the show and he’s blaming a fellow cast member for why that is.

Nayte Olukoya jokes that his eyebrows are Rodney Mathews’ fault

Taking to his Instagram stories, Nayte shared a video of himself seemingly laying in bed. In the video, he also included a photo of Winnie the Pooh’s eyebrows and shared why he blamed his brows on fellow castmate Rodney Mathews.

In the video, Nayte explained the story behind his eyebrows saying, “I honestly had no idea that I was shaving my eyebrows that thin. They have grown back now but I blame Rodney. He was my roommate this whole time, not once did he tell me I was going a little too crazy on my eyebrows.”

Nayte also included text on the video that read, “My eyebrows have indeed grown back. Thankfully. But I blame [Rodney Mathews]. Clearly bro was plotting on my downfall” along with a fuming emoji and several laughing emojis. 

Nayte reiterated his message via the hashtags included in the video. One hashtag read #LilTooCrazy while the other read #BlameRodney. 

Rodney Mathews responds to Nayte Olukoya’s accusations 

Rodney got in on the playful beef and reposted the video. On top of the video, Rodney wrote, “You got me twisted.” 

Rodney's IG story
Pic credit: @rodneymathews02/Instagram

Nayte and Rodney’s humorous back and forth was all in good fun and shows that The Bachelorette franchise consistently builds fun friendships among the men from the cast. 

Rodney’s journey came to an end on the latest episode of The Bachelorette Season 18 as he and Michelle tearfully parted ways.

Meanwhile, Nayte has made it to Michelle’s top three and has the chance to make it to fantasy suites. 

In the past, Nayte has voiced his thoughts on being a part of the historic final four since this is the first time that The Bachelorette final four has been all people of color. 

Tune in to see if Nayte and Michelle will also make history as the first Black couple to get engaged on The Bachelorette. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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