Michelle and Nayte bring their dogs together for Christmas photos

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya
Michelle and Nayte show off their puppy love in Christmas photos. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya continue to warm Bachelor Nation’s hearts with their love. 

The engaged couple recently shared their first Christmas photos as fiancés and revealed the hilarious reaction their pets had to being around each other. 

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya unite their dogs for Christmas 

Now that the world knows Michelle and Nayte are engaged, the couple has been able to share a lot more of their relationship on social media. They often sweetly gush about each other and document their various outings and experiences together. 

Naturally, Michelle and Nayte spent time together for the holidays and they provided fans with some adorable and amusing Christmas photos. 

In the series of photos shared by Michelle, the couple smiles while sitting on the floor by a brick fireplace decorated with white holiday teddy bears. Michelle and Nayte both wear dark sweaters, jeans, and bright red Santa hats. Michelle made her ensemble extra festive with red, green, and black striped socks. 

Michelle also placed her hand on Nayte’s knee, showing off her stunning Neil Lane engagement ring. 

However, Michelle and Nayte aren’t the only ones looking adorable in the photo as they both included their dogs in the festive picture. 

Michelle placed her arm around her dog Chief and Nayte held his dog Percy in the photo. Both dogs wore reindeer headbands.

While Percy looked happy as can be in the photo, Chief looked a bit tenser and Michelle revealed why in the caption of her post.

Michelle captioned the post, Swipe to see Chief’s genuine reaction when hearing he now has a step brother [laughing emoji]” 

In the final photo of the post, Chief’s eyes appear wide and concerned, suggesting he may not be the most thrilled about having a new dog around. 

As Michelle and Nayte’s relationship continues, time will tell if Chief warms up to his new stepbrother. 

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya plan for their future as husband and wife

While some couples get engaged on The Bachelorette with no real future plans set in motion, Michelle and Nayte are very actively taking strides towards bringing their lives together and have a lot of visions for their future as a married couple. 

During The Bachelorette finale, Nayte revealed that he will be moving to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota and the couple was even gifted a very generous downpayment on their first home. 

Michelle and Nayte also have been vocal about wanting a summer wedding and are in the midst of planning their big day. Along with weddings and homes, Michelle and Nayte have discussed wanting kids down the road too. 

Hopefully, Michelle and Nayte can go the distance and build a lasting marriage with one another that includes their future kids and fur babies as well. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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2 years ago

Michelle and Nayte so proud for you. You both have my blessings