Michael Jessen admits he wanted kids with Juliana Custodio after she announces pregnancy with new man

90 Day Fiance Juliana and Michael
Michael and Juliana make accusations against each other about what led to their breakup. Pic credit: TLC/YouTube

Things are about to get messy between former 90 Day Fiance couple Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen.

The Brazilian model and former TLC star Juliana Custodio is pregnant with her first child one month after Jessen confirmed their split.

On what would have been their second anniversary, Michael revealed that they had parted way and said that she had moved on with someone else, for which he later apologized.

Juliana issued a response, in which she said that the former couple went through a “hard time financially” but supported Jessen, his two children, his ex-wife and her new husband because she was the only one working during the Covid-related restrictions.

In addition, she accused her former husband of treating her “like a maid,” calling the relationship toxic.

Michael claims he wanted kids with Juliana

Following Juliana’s pregnancy announcement with a new man, Michael has revealed more details about their relationship and hit back at some of her claims about what led to their breakup.

“No I wanted kids with her… We actually were trying for a while,” he wrote when asked whether a disagreement on children led to their breakup.

Michael Jessen disputes Juliana’s claim that she was financially supporting him and his family. In addition, he calls his former wife a fraud in a scathing response.

“She’s pretty much saying whatever she wants to win over people…She also DID NOT support our family during Covid as she posted… She had $0 income on our 2020 taxes…I was working my a** off, and she and her friends have been smearing me and lying to make me look bad in order to justify her fraud.”

Juliana faced gold digger accusations

TLC introduced Juliana and Michael in 90 Day Fiance Season 7. They met at a yacht party in Croatia, but she was in her native Brazil when he applied for a K1 visa to bring her to the United States.

Michael was suspicious of her intention of marrying him due to the fact that she purchased a car with a credit card he gave her only weeks before relocating to the United States.

She explained that financial anxiety led to her decision and the couple disagreed on whether she has expensive taste or not.

In addition, in the TLC series, Juliana saying that she doesn’t know what a prenup is sent red flags flying for many 90 Day Fiance viewers. Ultimately, Michael and Juliana married without one.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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