Meri Brown’s relationship trouble with the rest of Brown family goes way back according to Sister Wives book

Meri Brown snubs Kody Brown on 30th anniversary, Sister Wives star admits hard feelings
Meri Brown and Kody Brown didn’t even celebrate their 30th anniversary. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown’s relationship trouble with the rest of the Brown family goes way back according to their Sister Wives book, dissected by The Blast.

If you have been paying attention to the series of late, their body language reveals more than their words.

This season has been the repatriation of the Browns from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona.

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The stress (99.9% financial) has chipped away at the normally jovial veneer of Kody Brown, who got short with Robyn this season. Robyn suddenly found herself evicted with short notice.

Their problem? She wants a rental until the Coyote Pass home is realized. He knew in that market, with the size of the house needed, he had to buy.

Kody has always presented himself as a pragmatic type. He did the math this year and realized he was in no financial condition to make a compound happen in enough time to accommodate the one legal and three spiritual wives together, but separate, on the land.

But the most telling of all is how Meri seems to be drifting away. It’s subtle, but if you have watched for a long time and you are observing, the signs are there.

Meri appears detached and happily is living on her own, her one child Mariah now grown and gone, engaged to her future wife.

A book about their lives arrived right after Monsters & Critics met the family at the 2010 Television Critics’ Association summer press tour in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Neither the Browns nor the TV critic crowd realized the scope and longevity this unusual family construct would have on the American pop culture scene, but here we are.

Meri was the first one in the marriage, and she might be the first one out if the tea leaves and rumors are to be believed.

The problem with Janelle

Jealousy and speed of conception are at the root of issues with Janelle, now a grandmother. Janelle allegedly was so frosted by Meri’s behavior that she left the family until Kody had to find a workaround and get a compound so that Meri and Janelle had their own spaces.

According to ShowbzizChearSheet:

The fighting allegedly got so bad that Janelle packed up and left the family. She rented an apartment, took a job and seemed done with the sister wife life until Kody bought a house that would allow the family to live together while separately.

The problem with Robyn

Robyn talks to God a lot on the series and acts like she is the pious one, but sources say that is not the case. Robyn, off-camera, is another animal.

She allegedly has been to the mat with Meri when the cameras are off, and their feud is several years in the making, well before Kody ditched Meri as his legal wife in favor of Robyn.

All of this is according to Life & Style (via a reprint through Radar Online).

The report alleged that private messages between Robyn and a friend leaked. The texts allegedly said that Robyn “was tired of Meri’s crap” and that Kody was done trying to conceive another child with his first wife.

The problem with Christine

Christine and Meri have had their issues too. Both are headstrong personalities who are stubborn when they decide on things.

The Sun then reported that Meri “snapped” when they were evacuating during a forest fire. Then Janelle commented that it was stress that made Meri act out.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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