Meri Brown defends her title as Kody’s first wife– See what she had to say

Kody and Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Meri Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

In another series of tweets yesterday, Meri Brown was committed to repeatedly defending her title as Kody’s first wife. Meri quoted and retweeted all of the original posters’ comments and then tweeted her own response.

The first tweet in question said, “But remember you divorced him!!” to which Meri replied, “But…. how does that automatically make someone else his first wife?? I don’t get it. No one else got married to him before 1990….” ending with a shrugging emoji.

In the next tweet, the original poster said, “So having the title of first wife is worth more to you than being treated good as a wife? Meri you deserve so much more,” to which Meri simply replied, “I only recall saying I am his first wife.”

In the last tweet, the poster wrote, “Sooo… what’s your point? He is allowed to tell the world he isn’t interested in you anymore?”

Meri replied, “Sooo…. my point is, I was responding to someone who said I ‘was once his first wife.’ I mean, that will always be the case….” once again ending her post with a shrugging emoji.

The Brown spouses, minus wife Christine, have been tweeting along with the hashtag #SisterWives on Sunday nights while their episodes air on TLC. Meri has chosen to take the commenting into the following week lately, replying to many fans’ tweets.

So why would Meri continually defend her first wife title?

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri Brown on Twitter. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Although polygamists claim that plural wives are all valued the same, there is always something different, maybe even special, about being the first of anything.

Being Kody’s first wife meant that Meri was also Kody’s only legal wife for 24 years until they divorced so that Kody could legally marry fourth wife Robyn in order to adopt her kids from a previous marriage.

The reason for the adoption was allegedly to provide Robyn’s children Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora with the same insurance and benefits as the rest of the Brown kids.

Being Kody’s first wife is also a title that Meri will always hold. Perhaps amid the struggles they’ve had, it’s a comfort for her to relive a positive memory she shares with Kody and try to keep it alive.

As of late, it seems as though Kody and Meri don’t have much fondness for each other

Kody outed the couple when he told an ET reporter that they’ve been separated for four or five years. This came as a surprise on the heels of Meri’s declaration that they’ve been together since the beginning.

Many fans of the show are becoming increasingly frustrated with Kody’s perceived mistreatment of Meri and her unwillingness to call him out for it. In fact, the entire family is at odds.

This season, viewers have already witnessed Kody’s third wife, Christine say she feels everyone hates her, refuse to move into one house with the rest of the wives, and complain to Robyn about Kody’s past showering habits.

Second wife Janelle is usually one to avoid drama and be the most logical of the group, but she recently addressed a fan‘s question about not wearing her wedding ring.

Wife number four, Robyn is often deemed the peacemaker for her efforts to always try and clear up disagreements between the five of them.

The dynamics of a marriage involving one husband and four wives certainly is no easy task, as evidenced by the show, and it also provides for never-ending entertainment.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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