Memphis Garrett has a message for Big Brother fans, says he was receiving death threats

Memphis And Christmas BB22
Memphis and Christmas met as members of the Big Brother 22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Memphis Garrett played on Big Brother 22 during Summer 2020 and emerged from the house to find out that some fans of the show had turned on him.

It wasn’t all bad, though, because Memphis also left BB22 having fallen in love with Christmas Abbott.

After Big Brother 22 came to an end, Memphis and Christmas started seeing each other and were spotted at a bar by a fan of the show. A short time later, Memphis and Christmas went public stating that they had become a couple now that they were back in the real world.

Then, in June 2021, Memphis asked Christmas to marry him and she said “yes” to the question on a beach. Christmas also started hinting at wedding dates during a recent Instagram Live session with her followers.

Memphis Garrett has a message for Big Brother fans

“I think moving forward with when these fans watch shows like this, they got to understand that all these people are human,” Memphis said in a new interview where he responded to “hate-filled messages and death threats” that had come from people on social media.

Some of that anger from Big Brother fans stemmed from Memphis making fun of Ian Terry on the live feeds during the BB22 season. It happened more than once, and it shined some negative light on a number of people in the Big Brother house that summer.

Memphis talks about having perspective when it comes to Big Brother fans

When addressing how he perceives the people who send him negative messages on social media and how he would like to interact with Big Brother fans, Memphis spoke a lot about how he views everything.

“You just have to realize these people got to be going through some stuff to write crazy stuff to people they don’t know,” Memphis said.

“Look, I am who I am. And people that know me, know me, if people that don’t know me and only watch me on TV, they have a different perspective. But, if you see me in the street say hello, give me a high five. I’ll give it back to you, that’s for sure,” Memphis continued.

Currently, Memphis is taking a break from reality television, but it would certainly be interesting to see him play the game again if the producers ever tried to do a season of couples. Quite a few Big Brother fans have suggested that idea in the past and seeing Memphis and Christmas teamed up against the likes of Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas could be a lot of fun.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS during Winter 2022.

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