Meghan King shares frustration about ‘COVID courts’ delaying her divorce from Jim Edmonds

RHOC alum Meghan King.
Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King is frustrated with how long it’s taking to divorce ex-husband Jim Edmonds. Pic credit: Bravo.

2020 was a rough year for many, including Meghan King. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star took to her blog to share how her expectations for the year didn’t quite turn out the way she had hoped.

Meghan also opened up about her failed marriage to husband Jim Edmonds and shared her frustrations around the delay in their divorce proceedings.

Meghan shares her sadness in ‘stolen’ goals

Meghan shared that her first lesson was learning that yearly goals aren’t quite what they used to be.

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She wrote, “Goals for the year don’t work anymore because now we know those goals can be stolen from us just. like. that.”

“The trauma we’ve experienced is so real and so collective that we don’t even need to empathize with words or actions, we all just already know exactly how everyone else feels. This must be what hell is like,” she continues.

Meghan then delves into the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on everyone around her, including the fact that it ended one of her friendships.

“I see my own friends judging the s**t out of me for stepping onto an airplane – maybe because they’re jealous or maybe because they think I’m a selfish a**hole – but either way we both just lost a friend,” she said.

Meghan is frustrated that the pandemic has delayed her divorce

According to Meghan, her main goal for 2020 was to finalize her divorce and due to the pandemic, her divorce (and goal) have consistently been delayed.

“My main one was to get divorced but here I am married as ever,” she wrote.

“Dude,” Meghan continued. “Covid courts won’t even let me get divorced. I feel like that pretty much sums up 2020: I can’t even accomplish the s**tiest thing on my list.”

Because she was unable to complete her goals for 2020, Meghan said that she’s been left feeling “apathetic about 2021.”

“I found out after my failed marriage that dejection and apathy are best friends. (I’m the biggest hopeless romantic on the planet and it took me an entire 6 months – which in Meghan Years is 5 years for a normal human without the rubberband resiliency with which I’ve been blessed – to even think about another man.),” she noted.

So, going into the New Year, Meghan set more realistic and personal goals for herself.

“Here’s my new goals: listen to my intuition more, stop planning so rigidly, live my life out loud, and use less punctuation,” she joked.

She concluded her post by stating, “Life is short but a lifetime is long. Please, love your neighbor and love your planet. But love yourself the most.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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