Jim Edmonds calls marriage to Meghan King Edmonds ‘loveless and abusive’ while praising new girlfriend Kortnie O’Connor

Jim calls Megan abusive in new post
Jim Edmonds bashes Meghan King Edmonds in post with new girlfriend. Pic credit:Bravo/@jimedmonds15/Instagram

Jim Edmonds is showing his appreciation for new girlfriend, Kortnie O’Connor and bashing soon-to-be ex-wife Meghan King Edmonds in the process.

Jim and the former Real Housewives of Orange County alum have been going through a nasty divorce since they split in 2019.

Meghan and Jim were featured on two seasons of the popular Bravo show when they were newly married. They had three kids together but the marriage only lasted five years.

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Both have since moved on and are dating other people but their contentious divorce is still ongoing.

Jim’s recent post on social media will no doubt add fuel to the fire!

Jim calls Meghan abusive in Instagram post

The former Major League Baseball player shared several photos with new girlfriend Kortnie O’Connor on Instagram along with a message dedicated to her.

In it he says. “If it wasn’t for this girl, I don’t think I would be here right now. She showed up in my life just at the right time. ”

He continued, “Amazing that her taking a chance on a plus one weekend to Mexico pulled me out of my hole and changed my life forever. I was in such a dark place; one that I didn’t think could happen to me.”

Jim’s girlfriend, Kortnie. Pic credit:@jimedmonds15/Instagram

The sweet sentiment might have warmed girlfriend, Kortnie’s heart but Meghan won’t likely have a similar response.

Further down in his lengthy tribute, he used the opportunity to bash his ex-wife and throw some harsh allegations her way.

“I was going through hell ending a loveless and abusive relationship,” Jim Edmonds wrote.

“The lies and accusations that followed the breakup only put me deeper into a funk. Along came this beautiful woman by chance, who lit up my world and brought me back to life. I’m very grateful for my amazing friends, children and this amazing woman for making me a better person and father. #reallife”

Jim posts tribute to new girlfriend
Pic credit: @jimedmonds15/Instagram

Jim and Meghan’s divorce

After the couple split, they both spewed nasty allegations about each other in the press.

The mom-of-three accused the 49-year-old of having an inappropriate relationship with a woman and on another occasion, she accused him of having an affair with their nanny.

Jim and the RHOC alum continued a tumultuous relationship, with the police being called during one of their disputes.

Then, just one day after their fifth anniversary, Jim Edmonds filed for divorce. Since then, things have only gotten nastier.

Despite the fact that they are both dating other people, Meghan and Jim are still legally married since their divorce has not been finalized yet.

Last month E Online reported that their divorce is at a standstill due to disagreements regarding the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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