Meghan King Edmonds isn’t trying to buddy up to Jim Edmonds’ new girlfriend Kortnie any time soon

Orange County housewife Meghan King Edmonds will not be friends with husbands new girlfriend
Meghan Edmonds won’t buddy up to estranged husband’s new girlfriend. Pic credit: Bravo/@jimedmonds15/Instagram

If you remember Meghan King Edmonds during her stint on The Real Housewives of Orange County, then you know that when she makes up her mind, no one can change it!

Well, she seems to have made up her mind about her estranged husband’s new girlfriend, Kortnie–and apparently, she has no plans to be friends with her anytime soon.

That is according to insider information that a source revealed to In Touch Weekly, which says, “Though the two had a past…they aren’t ‘going to be lunching’ together any time soon.”

Furthermore, adds the source, “Meghan isn’t trying to plan Jim’s future, but he and Kortnie do seem to be getting on well. … Right now, Meghan doesn’t want any women influencing her and Jim’s kids but her.”

Meghan and Kortnie were once friends. However, the relationship got muddled once Kortnie was invited to have a threesome with Meghan and her then-husband, Jimmy Edmonds.

Now, the former RHOC castmate and her husband are going through a divorce, and Kortnie and Jimmy are now dating! Yikes!

Meghan has been having a hard time lately

The newly single mom recently gave the world a candid look into how she’s coping with her pending divorce, and it’s not good.

In her newest blog post, she responds to questions from fans and one in particular caused her to open up about her grief.

One fan said, “Meghan, you seem so happy. I, too, am going through a divorce and I’m so angry!”

The 35-year-old responded, “Trauma affects all of us at some point in time but for others, it all seems to bear down at once. I have learned to cope with what I call ‘Emotional Releases.’ Let me tell you something, some days I’m barely hanging on by a thread. Some moments I can’t breathe. Sometimes I get in bed and the bed is vibrating, but it’s not: I’m just shaking.”

She also revealed how angry she was at first, not just dealing with the demise of her marriage, but also her twin son’s medical condition. Meghan’s son has minor Periventricular Leukomalacia due to irreversible brain damage. Plus, Megan is dealing with her own medical issue, a herniated disc.

To say she was dealing with a lot would indeed be an understatement.

The mom of 3 is finally on a path to healing

Only four months into her separation, Meghan has figured out a way to find peace with her current situation.

She shared that ultimately one of the most important elements in her ongoing process of healing and emotional release has been “a long, long prayer of gratitude.”

She expounds, “Gratitude for the trauma I’ve experienced because it helps me grow, learn, and empathize to help others. Gratitude for the wrongs that have been done against me because they’ve allowed me to grow in my faith to become a more centered individual. Gratitude for the complete sh*t-show of my life because I now understand how to thrive under pressure.”

The former Orange County housewife has been very open and transparent with fans about her personal life, health, and kids both on social media and on her personal blog.

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