RHOC alum Meghan King reveals she tested positive for COVID-19 after outing where she ‘did not protect’ herself

RHOC alum, Megan King.
Former RHOC star Meghan King tested positive for COVID-19. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King has revealed that she’s tested positive for OVID-19.

It’s been a rough two years for Meghan, with her marriage to Jim Edmonds ending after rumors of infidelity.

And, more recently, Meghan’s son Hart was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after years of mysterious symptoms.

The RHOC alum took to her Instagram stories to tell her followers about her test results and to inform them of the precautions she’s taking to ensure that she doesn’t spread the virus.

Meghan says she tested positive after not taking the proper precautions

In her Instagram story, Meghan explained how she believes that she contracted the virus.

“I tested positive for Covid. I have been safe while traveling but I had an exchange on Tuesday where I did not protect myself and this is when I had to have been infected,” she wrote.

The post continued, “I have been safe with distancing and masks since Tuesday including when I went to dinner solo and stayed distant and wore a mask at Hayes’s soccer. My kids have been at their father’s but Hayes will quarantine due to brief (1 hour) proximity to me.”

Meghan concluded her post by saying that she has also informed those people that she’s come into contact with so they can also take the proper precautions.

“I have contacted everyone and will isolate for 10 days minimum per CDC guidelines. My children will have to stay with my parents as they cannot stay at my house while I’m sick,” Meghan stated.

Screenshot of Meghan King Instagram story saying she's tested positive for Covid-19
Meghan King lets her followers know about positive test. Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

Meghan updates her followers after her symptoms worsen

Following her initial post stating her positive COVID-19 test, Meghan has been keeping her followers updated with how she’s been doing.

In one story post, Meghan explained that while she isn’t feeling well, she is doing “ok.” She further shared that she mainly went to get tested due to her lack of energy.

She says that she initially thought it was a cold but that “it never developed into a traditional cold” and coupled with her severe lethargy, she knew “something was off.”

In another update, Meghan explained her newest COVID-19 symptoms.

“Today I lost my sense of smell. (So strange not to smell my face wash! That’s how I knew.) Feeling a little stuffy, still sneezy. Overall less exhausted than yesterday. I can still taste (somewhat),” she wrote.

Meghan King says she's now lost her sense of smell.
Meghan King says she’s now lost her sense of smell. Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

Meghan concluded the post by sharing that she can “sort of” taste raw garlic and that she has started lung exercises.

“No one I personally have had contact with in the days leading up to my symptoms is positive or is experiencing any symptoms. Let’s pray it stays that way,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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