Matt Roloff wants ‘everyone’ to see his grandson Mateo one day despite Jacob’s strict privacy rules

Matt Roloff of LPBW
Although his son Jacob and daughter-in-law Isabel want to keep their son Mateo’s identity private, Matt Roloff said he hopes “everyone” gets to see his newest grandson. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff hopes that “everyone” gets to see his newest grandson, despite his son Jacob’s strict rules about protecting Mateo’s privacy online.

LPBW alum Jacob Roloff and wife Isabel protect son Mateo’s privacy online

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Matt and Amy Roloff’s youngest child, son Jacob, became a first-time dad in December 2021.

Jacob and his wife Isabel welcomed a son they named Mateo Tomas Roloff, honoring Matt Roloff’s name.

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Jacob and Isabel have made it very clear that they won’t be sharing Mateo’s identity online.

In September 2021 while Isabel was still pregnant, Jacob told his fans that none of them will “ever see” his son.

Isabel explained that she and Jacob decided early on that they would protect Mateo’s identity online, telling fans, “We knew before we had him that we wanted to protect his privacy online.”

Now, Matt Roloff has spoken out about Jacob and Isabel’s choice to shield Mateo from the spotlight in a recent Instagram post.

Matt shared a pic of himself and Mateo to Instagram on Saturday, January 8 with a caption that read, “Got to hang out with this little dream boat today.. he looks like a bear.. but his name is Mateo. A big nod to his grandpa.”

In the pic, Mateo wore a fuzzy, brown bear suit and faced away from the camera to keep his identity private as Matt cradled his grandson on a chair in his office.

Matt Roloff wants ‘everyone’ to see grandson Mateo one day

One of Matt’s followers commented how they were upset to not be able to see Mateo’s face.

“I’m really sad that we don’t get to see Mateo,” Matt’s fan wrote on the post. “[Viewers] followed all through the pregnancy and [ever since] little people started the show it sure is upsetting not to [finally] get to see him.”

matt roloff's follower is "sad" they can't see mateo's face
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

Matt responded, letting his fan know that he was upset about Mateo’s face being hidden online too, but assured them it was the best decision for Jacob and Isabel as parents.

matt roloff wants "everyone" to see his grandson mateo eventually
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

“I know. I’ve tried to present some ideas but Jacob and Izzy are very smart and they know what they want for the little guy and I respect that,” Matt wrote.

Matt added, “But he’s soooooo cute I definitely want everyone to see him one day.”

Mateo marks the sixth grandchild for Matt and Amy Roloff, who are also grandparents to Jackson, Lilah, Ember, Bode, and Radley. Zach and Tori Roloff are expecting their third child in the spring, making for Roloff grandchild number seven.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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