Mary Fitzgerald reveals when she and Romain Bonnet plan to start a family

Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald shares her plans to start a family with husband Romain Bonnet.
Mary Fitzgerald is ready to start a family with husband Romain Bonnet. Pic credit: Netflix

Mary Fitzgerald is ready to talk about her plans to have more babies. The Selling Sunset star is married to Romain Bonnet, and the two are hoping to expand their family in the near future.

The TV personality met the French model while serving as his real estate agent when he initially moved to LA. They have been inseparable since.

Many pivotable moments of their relationship have played out on the show, including their wedding ceremony and conversations about children. Now, Mary is sharing the details on what the couple has decided.

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Mary and Romain plan to expand their family soon

In a recent interview on the Domenick Nati Show, Mary got candid about her and Romain’s family plans.

When asked about what they’ve chosen to do, she tells Domenick, “We are going to freeze our embryos this month.” Mary goes on to say they don’t have a definitive date on when they will have the embryos implanted. This is mainly due to their busy schedules.

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She says the couple has a variety of opportunities available to them at the moment that they want to take advantage of. When thinking about when they want to complete the process, she said “we just don’t know when we’re ready to slow down.”

While they don’t have an exact date in mind, Mary says they likely will undergo the implementation “within the next two years.”

A look inside Mary and Romain’s relationship

Fans of Selling Sunset may recall seeing the ins and outs of Mary and Romain’s relationship in the early seasons. The two had a rocky start to their marriage as kids, money issues, and compatibility concerns plagued their romance.

Although their wedding was filmed for the show, the two actually first wed in 2018 before the cameras started rolling. They had a small ceremony with few attendees. The second ceremony is the one they consider to be the official start of their marriage as they were able to share it with their friends and loved ones.

Having children has been a major storyline for the duo on the show. Romain has been eager to become a father, while Mary has been more hesitant. She is already a mother to her son, Austin, who is an adult. She has shared her concerns about starting over with a new baby but understood why Romain wanted to add to their family.

Mary is also 12 years older than her husband. While their age difference doesn’t bother them, it was a brief cause of concern for Mary who wondered if she would be able to carry another child. It seems the two have worked through their concerns and are looking forward to their growing family.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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