Selling Sunset: Are Romain Bonnet and Mary Fitzgerald still together?

Romain Bonnet model
Romain is a French model dating Mary in Selling Sunset. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset is Netflix’s new real estate reality TV show and it is making waves on social media. In the eight episodes of Selling Sunset Mary and Romain are a focal couple on the series as many of the cast members are in long-distance relationships.

Who is Romain Bonnet?

Romain Bonnet is a 25-year-old model from France, who Mary says is a pastry chef or baker. The Selling Sunset couple met through one of Mary’s clients. Romain has been dating the Oppenheim Group real estate broker Mary Fitzgerald for about a year when the Netflix series was filmed. They decided to move in together and are looking for a new home.

Are Mary and Romain still together?

Selling Sunset Season 1 spoilers ahead.

As seen in Selling Sunset, there was trouble in paradise for Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet. Mary revealed in the series that she has been married twice and used to date her boss Jason Oppenheim. However, her working relationship with Jason didn’t seem to bother the French model.

Romain proposed to Mary but irritated his bride-to-be when he showed no interested in planning the wedding. The 25-year-old model also told his fiancé that he will like to have children in 5 to 10 years. This was of great concern to Mary as she is 37 turning 38 and already has a son, who is 21 years old.

When it comes to children, the couple decided to cross that bridge when they get there and take their relationship one day at a time.

On Romain’s Instagram account, he celebrated their one-year anniversary in July 2018, which means they have been together for nearly two years since Selling Sunset was filmed.

Romain and Mary celebrated Valentine’s day together in Paris and appear to still be together as of March on Mary’s Instagram account.

If Selling Sunset comes back for Season 2, fans will likely get an update on their relationship as the beautiful couple appear to be still going strong.

All eight episodes of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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