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Mary Cosby took aim at RHOSLC viewers amid rumors she’s not returning

Mary Cosby
Mary Cosby insulted RHOSLC fans in a recent post amid her controversial decision to skip the reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Mary Cosby has embroiled herself in more controversy as she took aim at The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City viewers in a recent post, condemning people who watch reality TV as having a low IQ.

Her social media actions come on the heels of her decision to skip out on the reunion where she would have had to face the consequences of some of the out-of-line things she said during Season 2.

Mary’s decision to act out against RHOSLC viewers could also mean that she won’t be back for Season 3.

Given the shade she threw at fans and her new position on the negative effects of reality TV, her presence any further could prove to be controversial.

Mary Cosby insulted RHOSLC viewers

Mary used her Instagram to post about her feelings on reality TV and she insulted RHOSLC fans in the process.

Mary shared a post that read, “TV watching lowers IQ. And it increases rudeness too. … ‘Reality TV is junk food for our brain, and in the same way that junk food rots our teeth and makes us sick, bad reality TV rots our brain and makes us rude,’ says Dr. Marcia Sirota, a psychiatrist, coach and professional speaker.”

Mary had a second part to her post saying, “Reality shows have a negative impact on our children in more ways than one. These shows focus on bullying, aggressive behavior, and unhealthy competition, and kids often tend to confuse reality TV with the real world.”

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Mary Cosby's IG post
Mary shared her take on the effects of reality TV. Pic credit: mary_m_cosby/Instagram

Mary Cosby has said contentious and offensive things on RHOSLC

Mary has said some pretty controversial things on RHOSLC and shared offensive opinions on top of getting caught in lies.

She said that she wouldn’t go into 7-11s or liquor stores if there are black people in front of them, although she later refuted what she meant by that.

Mary upset her fellow cast member Jennie Nguyen by saying that she had slanted eyes and further ridiculed her by mimicking her Vietnamese accent.

Mary talked a whole lot of trash against Jen Shah amid her legal scandal only to lie and tell Jen that she never talked about her during Jennie’s pho luncheon.

There have been many problematic remarks from Mary Cosby which RHOSLC viewers have been privy to and it appears that she didn’t want to be confronted since she didn’t attend the reunion.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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