RHOSLC star Jennie Nguyen condemns Mary Cosby and Meredith Marks for making fun of her Asian culture

Mary Cosy, Meredith Marks, and Jennie Nguyen
Jennie Nguyen put fellow Real Housewives of Salt Lake City castmates Mary Cosby and Meredith Marks for being culturally insensitive. Pic credit: Bravo

The feud between Jennie Nguyen and Mary Cosby is raging on and off The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s viewers’ TV screens as Meredith Marks’ behavior on the latest episode is also being dragged into the mix.

Jennie has been mad and hurt about Mary’s comment about her “slanted eyes” that was made during her pho luncheon and her ill feelings were only compounded after watching the lunch that Mary and Meredith had.

During their lunch, Mary made fun of the way Jennie talks by mimicking how she thought Jennie sounded as a Vietnamese woman, and Meredith laughed at her impression.

While Meredith told Mary she didn’t have to say her piece in character, the damage was already done by her laughing reaction to Mary’s controversial behavior.

After the recent episode aired, Jennie took to social media to condemn the behavior of both women and to draw attention to their perpetuation of racism in her eyes.

Jennie Nguyen put Mary Cosby and Meredith Marks on blast for their controversial behavior

A Bravo fan page on Instagram captured some since-deleted tweets from Jennie that attacked Meredith for her perceived complacency and distasteful reaction to Mary mimicking the way Jennie talks.

Jennie shared a still image of Meredith laughing and said, “Racism, in any form, is RACISM! This is what my husband and I grew up with daily. To be silent, or to laugh while someone is being racist, is to be complicit.”

Jennie took her blast a step further and delivered a pointed message as a result of Mary and Meredith’s behavior. She said, “I hope that one day that my children, and yours, will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Let’s us use our privilege to end HATE.”

Fans were quick to praise Jennie in the comments of the fan page’s post with one of the top comments exclaiming, “Exactly!!! Her silence spoke volumes. Meredith was so loud sticking up for her son, where is this energy against Asian hate?”

Someone else remarked, “Whew lemme give Jennie a follow cuz my good sis said.. NOT TODAY!”

While another fan gave a compliment saying, “Ok Martin Luther Queen.”

IG post about Jennie Nguyen's tweets
Jennie handed a message to her fans explaining her hopes for the future. Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Jennie Nguyen did not get far when she confronted Mary Cosby about her ‘slanted eyes’ comment

During Whitney Rose’s rebranding launch party, Jennie sat all the RHOSLC women down to call Mary out for her “slanted eyes” comment. However, Mary didn’t see anything wrong with what she said and none of the other women spoke up.

Eventually, Jennie put her hurt feelings in a way that evoked a questionably sincere apology from Mary before she walked away upset over being attacked.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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