Married at First Sight spoilers: Are Katie and Derek still married?

Are Katie and Derek still together?
Did Katie and Derek stay together after cameras stopped rolling? Pic credit: Lifetime

The moment Katie and Derek said their I do’s on Married at First Sight, there was an instant connection.

The two started hot-and-heavy and even confessed to consummating their marriage during the couples’ honeymoon in Panama.

However, a few episodes in, and we quickly started to see cracks in their relationship, and fans speculated whether these two would last.

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It’s been one heck of a season, and with the finale of Married at First Sight on the horizon, we’ll soon find out which couples committed to remaining married after the 8-week experiment.

While cast members aren’t allowed to reveal their relationship status until the season is over, we have some insider info on Katie and Derek.

The last few weeks have been rocky for these two, and many viewers felt that Derek should count his losses and run.

Twitter was definitely team Derek!

Are Katie and Derek still married?

Well, Derek may have taken the advice of many viewers because sources are saying that the two have split.

Reportedly, during the last episode, they will agree to stay together and work on their marriage.

According to spoilers released by Instagrammer @mafsfan, the two are no longer together. Katie and Derek reportedly decided to stay together on Decision Day but have since broken up.

As proof, @mafsfan posted two clips with spoilers on their relationship status.

The first one read, “Katie and Derek stay married on decision day.” The second one noted, “but they are no longer together as of the reunion show.”

If this is indeed the case, it certainly won’t come as a shock to fans who’ve noticed that the two were just not on the same page.

Katie constantly complained about Derek being childish, and he kept trying to make her happy, but seemingly to no avail.

We won’t know for sure what happened between the two until after the finale episode.

There will also be a cast reunion, and this is where we will get to hear details from both parties on what caused the split.

If the news is indeed true, Derek and Katie will join a long list of couples who’ve split this season.

We already know that Zach and Mindy didn’t work out, but reports are that Meka and Michael, along with Brandon and Taylor have also called it quits.

You can keep up with the couples during Married at First Sight’s finale episode, airing Wednesday night @8/7 central on Lifetime.

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3 years ago

If Katie is as immature off camera as she is on camera then she’s definitely not ready to be in a committed marriage with Derik. He’s been bending over backwards to accommodate her tantrums and honestly I feel bad for the guy. He deserves what he signed up for and I feel really bad for the guy. He’s is most definitely the “giver” in their relationship!

Glad that Derek did not fall in love with her. The
Glad that Derek did not fall in love with her. The
3 years ago

I predicted Katie as a control freak weeks ago. Her infidelity was atrocious. Glad that Derek did not fall in love with her. There will be a lucky girl Sunday for him hopefully