Married at First Sight Exclusive: Beth brings back the crystals to help Jamie

Jamie is sick so Beth gets out her crystals
As Jamie recovers from COVID-19, Beth pulls out her crystals. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie and Beth have been documenting their time together during the coronavirus pandemic for Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam, and this week, things get really weird.

It turns out that Jamie caught COVID-19, and he admits that he feels “like death.”

Being the loving wife, Beth decides to play nurse since she’s been feeling better because she wants Jamie to recover from the illness ASAP.

But Beth’s approach definitely isn’t what Jamie is used to. In fact, it’s not very conventional at all.

Beth pulls out her crystals for a little holistic healing

“How are you feeling?” Beth asks her newly-mustached husband, who looks absolutely miserable lying in bed.

“I brought you something that I think will help you,” she continues while holding a video camera in one hand and a tray of supplies in the other.

After asking Jamie if she can try out a little “alternative medicine,” he says, “At this point, sure.”

It’s not the first time that Beth has pulled out her crystals and tried to heal Jamie. And he’s not a big believer in these methods, but now that he’s sick, he’s more than willing to let Beth try her best to help him feel better.

Then, Beth lines her crystals down the length of his prone body, even placing one on Jamie’s bald head.

“I already feel better,” Jamie quips. But Beth isn’t done yet.

And only after Jamie comments that it “can’t get any weirder,” that’s exactly what happens.

Beth works to remove the negative energy, and hopefully the virus, from his body while chanting “come back negative corona” over and over.

There is a shot involved

It’s not all crystals and chanting for Beth and Jamie in this Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam exclusive sneak peek. There are also shots!

Not the needle kind, though. Instead, Beth serves up a shot of lemon, ginger, and cayenne as a way to boost Jamie’s immune system and help him kick the crud that has him feeling so bad.

“It’s so good,” Beth says while choking down her shot.

Jamie is also struggling to get the lemon/ginger/cayenne concoction down, telling his wife that “it burns.”

Hopefully, Beth’s methods prove to be helpful and speed up Jamie’s recovery. Be sure to tune in to find out and to see what the other Married at First Sight couples are up to this week.

Jamie is sick so Beth gets out her crystals
As Jamie recovers from COVID-19, Beth pulls out her crystals. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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