Marriage Boot Camp exclusive: Do Hazel-E and De’Von argue too much?

Hazel-E and De'Von on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition
Hazel-E and De’Von are questioned about the way they fight. Pic credit: WEtv

Anyone keeping up with this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition knows that Hazel-E and De’Von know how to fight with others but are they also arguing too much with each other?

That’s an issue Dr. Ish wants the couple to explore on the latest episode as the pair face off to role play as each other in an effort to uncover exactly which issues might be lingering under the surface.

In this exclusive Marriage Boot Camp sneak peek, you see De’Von holding a big Hazel-E face and she has a big De’Von face as Dr. Ish mediates the exercise.

Hazel-E and De’Von roleplay each other to get issues on the table

“You better not leave me when you get to the top,” De’Von says, imitating Hazel.

“I’ve got tons of blue checks in my DMs,” she fires back at him.

Hazel looks ready to lose it when De’Von bursts out with, “I’m not accepting this! I’m not accepting this!” Apparently, that Hazel-E imitation struck a nerve.

And while both halves of this couple kept it cordial during their roleplay, Dr. Ish pointed out that their body language says that both of them are getting upset.

“You’re still playing very nice on Day 4,” Dr. Ish says before turning to De’Von. “I can tell you’re pissed about some of that stuff she was saying.”

Hazel-E and De’Von get serious

After getting called out by Dr. Ish, Hazel-E tells De’Von, “You’ve got to say that though,” referring to the things she does that really bother him.

“I can’t even know how to fix things I’m doing if you can’t communicate,” Hazel explains. “Then it’s gonna explode and then it’s gonna be boom punching is or boom throw a phone.”

When Dr. Ish asks Hazel to show him what the “next level looks like,” Hazel responds by hitting the wall with De’Von’s oversized head. Then, she turns around and starts yelling, still imitating her man.

That seems to surprise Dr. Ish as he instructs them to only argue about “one thing at a time.”

This seems to be the breakthrough for the couple. In the confessional, Hazel calls the “One Play” rule “epic.”

De’Von says that when they argue, Hazel doesn’t just argue about whatever has made her mad in that moment. Instead, she brings up everything that she’s been mad about and throws it all at him, resulting in an even bigger fight.

Be sure to check out the sneak peek below and tune in tonight.

Marriage Boot Camp airs Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv. 

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