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Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition exclusive: Is Kurupt’s drinking problem affecting his relationship?

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition is returning to WEtv, and the series is bringing some notable reality and rappers stars along for the ride. West Coast rapper Kurupt is among the latest cast members looking for help with their love lives, and he is joined by his model girlfriend, Toni.

As Marriage Boot Camp kicks off another season, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler will be helping Kurupt and Toni to confront the big issues in their relationship with one of the questions being “Is Kurupt’s drinking problem affecting their relationship.”

In this exclusive Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition sneak peek, we get to see Kurupt and Toni in action, and it’s pretty clear that the pair are having some serious issues and that his drinking is playing a huge part.

Kurupt is going to do what he wants to do

Kurupt and Toni are in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to do what she wants. He makes it pretty clear that he’s going to continue doing what he wants to do, and if she doesn’t like it, she can leave.

“You can’t control me,” Kurupt declares in a confessional watched by Dr. Ish and Judge Toler. “You can’t stop me from doing anything that I want to do. If you choose not to accept all then jump off the f**king ship, man.”

When Dr. Ish asks Toni how that makes her feel to hear Kurupt say that, she responds, “I want to bash him in his f**king mouth 50 times.”

It sounds like there’s some serious trouble in paradise.

Toni says Kurupt changes when he’s drinking

Toni goes on to explain, “When he’s sober, he’s the greatest person in the world. When he’s drunk, he does all this stupid a** s**t.”

She even said that when Kurupt is sober, they “don’t even argue.”

As Kurupt and Toni sit on the stage, facing Dr. Ish and Judge Toler, he claims not to be drunk “right now.” However, she says that he is drunk despite the denial.

Kurupt’s drunk behavior is so upsetting to Toni that she said the way she deals with it is to leave the house so that he can eat and get some sleep so that she can return when he’s sober.

When Shanda speaks up, saying that this behavior is not good for Toni, Kurupt argues that it’s good for him, further proving why she is so frustrated.

Kurupt and Toni on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition
Kurupt and Toni are butting heads on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, Pic credit: WEtv

Will Kurupt and Toni be able to overcome his drinking and alleged bad behavior? Check out the entire sneak peek above and tune in when the new season starts.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 9/8cc on WEtv. 

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