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Marriage Boot Camp exclusive: Michel’le wants the best for Stew even if it isn’t her

Michel’le and Stew have continued to struggle on this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. In tonight’s episode, we see that she’s still feeling insecure about the relationship.

So when the subject comes up again, Michel’le seems defeated when she claims that Stew is never going to marry her.

Is Stew in it for the long haul?

Stew wants to know if Michel’le wants to be with him and as this exclusive Marriage Boot Camp preview begins, he asks if she’s sure she even wants to be with him.

In turn, she asks if he’s sure he wants to be with her.

Both don’t seem sure the other is all in, and that is what appears to be keeping them from fully committing.

“Marrying you and being with you is two totally different things,” Stew points out.

That’s when it cuts to the confessional and Michel’le is talking about how Stew said some things to her that she just can’t let go of.

She clearly wants to settle down and get married, but she really doesn’t seem to think Stew wants to do that with her.

So when Stew says that Marriage Boot Camp has been causing them a lot of problems, she is quick to say that it isn’t the show causing the problems.

Instead, it’s exposing the cracks in their foundation so that they can work on them and have a stronger relationship… or not.

Are Michel’le and Stew the weakest couple on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition?

Back in the confessional, this time together, Stew says, “I’m starting to feel like damn, we are the weakest couple in here.”

I walked through the door in love with my baby, and so I just kind of started feeling different about things.”

It seems that all of Michel’le’s doubts plus the realization that they may really not be on the same path are wearing on Stew. But should he really be blaming Marriage Boot Camp?

And has he been paying attention to Bianca and Chozus? How can Stew possibly think they are the weakest after what their co-stars have been up to.

Hopefully, Michel’le and Stew can find a way to come together before their time on the show is up.

After all, knowing their weaknesses and working on them is the hardest part. It seems that, despite all the doubts, they both really want to make their relationship work.

Michel'le and Stew have learned a lot at boot camp
Michel’le and Stew have learned a lot at boot camp and it could tear them apart. Pic credit: WEtv

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv. 

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