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Mama June: From Not to Hot exclusive: Gina’s had enough

Mama June: From Not to Hot is a mess right now. June Shannon is hiding out in Alabama while her family is trying to pick up the pieces of their broken life.

Pumpkin, Ella-Grace, Alana Thompson, Sugar Bear, and Jennifer are all in California staying with Gina Rodriguez.

Initially, it was just supposed to be the girls, but once Sugar Bear caught wind of what was happening, he and Jennifer hopped on a plane so see what was going on.

Gina is over the mess in her house

In this exclusive Mama June: From Not to Hot clip, Gina Rodriguez is going nuts when her house is turned upside down.

Viewers learned the girls were put up in the upstairs bedrooms while Sugar Bear and Jennifer are sleeping in the garage.

Ella-Grace is left to run amok in Gina’s home while Pumpkin treats it like it is where she lives. From baths in the kitchen sink to eating pudding while sitting on the kitchen table, the mess continues to pile up.

Pumpkin doesn’t appear to be bothered, but the woman of the house is ready to lose her mind.

After finding out the bathrooms were occupied, Sugar Bear pulls a drastic move. Gina Rodriguez catches him relieving himself in her yard. That appears to be the final straw.

In a confessional on Mama June: From Not to Hot, Gina is seen complaining about the mess that has become her home.

Gina Rodriguez from Mama June: From Not to Hot.
Gina is appalled when she sees Sugar Bear relieving himself in her yard. Pic credit: WEtv

Coming up on Mama June: From Not to Hot

As all of this is playing out, Big Mike and Doe Doe are in Alabama and searching for June Shannon. Previews indicated they locate her, but it isn’t going to be the response they had hoped.

Doe Doe is placed in handcuffs at some point this season. Will June Shannon call the police on her sister for attempting to get her help to save their family?

At this point, nothing is shocking when it comes to the lengths Mama June will go to.

Tensions mount when it comes to Pumpkin raising Alana. Sugar Bear and Jennifer aren’t going to sit back and idly watch as things go down.

When video surfaces of Alana appearing to snort something, things get fired up. How far will Jennifer and Sugar Bear go to make sure Alana is being taken care of in a manner they agree with?

Mama June: From Not to Hot airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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