MAFS: Woody and Amani celebrate Married at First Sight

Woody and Amani Randall were a fan favorite from the Married at First Sight season based in New Orleans. Pic Credit: Lifetime

While the current season of Married at First Sight is giving more drama than actual romance, fan favorites from New Orleans, Woody and Amani Randall continue to remind fans that the unique take on arranged marriage can work.

After tying the knot as strangers, the connection between the newly married singles was so strong that fans believed that Woody and Amani were ‘planted’ actors on the show.

Now two years later, Woody and Amani are celebrating their second anniversary since getting married on a reality TV show.

Woody and Amani participated in the longest experiment in franchise history

While most new matches on the show have trouble with creating intimacy, the hard part for Amani and Woody was waiting. Both admitted to having a strong attraction. However, the challenge was waiting for their emotional connection to catch up.

Having a relationship that wasn’t focused on the physical aspects very important to Amani. “I just don’t feel confident that we can have sex – and still focus on everything else,” she said while on the show.

Although her relationship with Woody started great – Amani admitted that most of her previous relationships did too. She reveals that her last relationship ended due to finding out her partner was actually married.

Despite this, they couldn’t deny their chemistry as they were the first to consummate their relationship for Season 11.

Woody and Amani celebrate marriage

Not only did they participate in the longest experiment in franchise history, but production completely shut down due to the pandemic.

Even with these unheard-of hardships, New Orleans produced more successful marriages than divorces.

Fans have rooted for Woody and Amani’s success from the very beginning. From their romantic honeymoon, viewers predicted they would be the first couple to produce a child from Season 11.

It’s clear the love is only growing between the two as Woody penned a romantic note to his wife on social media.

“Headed to Year 2️⃣ baby,” he began. “I know y’all probably say, the Randalls celebrate every month, and we do. We met as strangers a year and two months ago,??‍♂️crazy right.”

“We celebrate to remind ourselves of how much we’ve grown since the first day we met. Love will always prevail. Looking forward to more days, weeks, months, and years with my sweets mane. Te Quiero,” he ended the loving post.

Woody and Amani are among the most loved couples in a series of history as fans showered his comment section with congratulatory messages.

It’s clear The Randall’s are one of the most loved couples of all time. Pic credit: @misstasteet/@beautyminusdabeast/Twitter

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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