MAFS New Orleans: Were Woody and Amani ‘planted’ on the show?

Amani and Woody from Married at First Sight
Amani and Woody have had chemistry since their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

The connection on Married at First Sight between Woody and Amani was so instant that people didn’t believe it was real.

Fan favorites from the premiere, this couple proved the social experiment could work. The longest experiment in franchise history brought more successful marriages than divorces this season.

However, viewers aren’t convinced Woody and Amani really got married as strangers.

Where they planted on the show?

The Randalls recently took to their Youtube channel to answer fan’s questions about their relationship.

After touching on a few hot topics, Amani addresses one of the most asked questions that she’s seen about them on social media.

The question read, “Are Woody and Amani “plants” (actors)?”

Clearing up confusion, Amani answered, “A lot of people have been saying that we’ve been possible plants or actors and that this is all fake… and that is ridiculous.”

“We just happened to mesh well,” she continued.

Woody chimed in and said, “My name really Woody, her name really Amani. She really from the Chi, I’m really from the city. We really met as strangers, and we really got married in real life. That is a legal document that ain’t fake. Ain’t no acting about that.”

They actually didn’t get married as strangers

Although the marriage wasn’t staged, Amani and Woody revealed their first meeting wasn’t actually at the altar.

On their wedding night, the couple realized they had actually met right after finding out they were both officially matched to be married.

A few weeks prior, Amani was bartending part-time, and ‘Mr. Life of the Party’ Woody happened to visit the spot she was working at.

Woody knew the chef, and he ended up having some flirty conversation with Amani while waiting for his food.

Although he wanted to shoot his shot with Amani, he knew he was matched to be married soon.

However, come to find later that he would be matched with the pretty bartender he met at brunch.

Since leaving the show, the couple regularly gives fans a look into their married life. Neighbors with fellow NOLA castmembers Karen and Miles, the two couples continue to stay close.

Fans have predicted that Woody and Amani will be the first to get pregnant from the New Orleans season; what do you think?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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